Top 40: Ed Sheeran

Top 40: Ed Sheeran

Recently, I had the idea to start a series of ranking articles and came up with the idea of doing a Top 40 list. By Top 40, I mean my 40 favorite songs by a particular artist. The obvious first choice was Ed Sheeran, my favorite artist of the twenty-first century. Today, I will be ranking my top 40 Ed Sheeran songs.

40. Small Bump – +

The song comes midway through Sheeran’s debut and is a fun, sweet, acoustic song about pregnancy and love. It’s a very chill jam that tells a sweet story. Sheeran also released a live version of the song on the Wembley Edition of X, but the original + version is better in my opinion.

39. New York – X (Wembley Edition)

One of many special additions from the Wembley Edition of Sheeran’s sophomore effort, New York tells the story of falling in love in the big apple.

38. Everything You Are – Don’t (EP)

One of the forgotten gems of Ed Sheeran, this song appears on his EP Don’t, which preceded X. The song has a very Elton John vibe to it and is so much fun to listen to. It’s a crime it didn’t get more recognition.

37. Even My Dad Does Sometimes – X

This slow ballad talks about how it’s okay to cry and mourn the tragedies and hard things that come your way. It’s a beautiful song that pleads the listener to keep going and not give up.

36. Shirtsleeves – X

This song about comforting heartbroken friends details the story of a boy who loves a girl who has just now become available and he makes himself present to her by comforting her. It’s a song with a sweet sentiment.

35. Take It Back – X

One of the lesser known songs from Sheeran’s second album, Take It Back demonstrates the third talent in this singer/songwriter’s toolbox that makes him a triple threat: rapping. Performing over an acoustic beat, Sheeran demonstrates an elegant flow pattern that absolutely kills while he simultaneously shreds on his guitar.

34. Barcelona – ÷

Appearing on his junior effort, the latin-pop blend mixed with Sheeran’s trademark acoustic stylings is a killer track that is sure to get your feet tapping.

33. Bloodstream – X

This tragic song about doing drugs is a cautionary tale told from Sheeran’s own personal experiences.

32. Don’t – X

This track about friends with benefits was the most popular to come off X and was named one of the songs of the summer upon its release, garnering ludicrous amounts of radio play. Unfortunately, this is why it’s so low on my list.

31. I’m A Mess – X

This song about emotional heartache is evocative and features some of Sheeran’s best vocals.

30. Runaway – X

This song tells the story of a child running away from home, which is inspired by Sheeran’s own personal experience. The song is very blues-inspired and is a rich song to listen to.

29. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here – ÷

This love song is inspirational, uplifting, and holds its own spot on what is easily Ed’s most energetic effort yet: ÷.

28. Nina – X

Nina is a pretty, piano-driven love song about teenage love and how he fell in love with Nina.

27. New Man – ÷

Ed always has a song on his albums where he criticizes the newest partner of his former lover. This iteration of the theme takes it in a more lighthearted direction and does a fun job of jabbing at the “new man”.

26. Happier – ÷

This is probably one of Sheeran’s most tragic and real songs. The song tells of Sheeran’s expressed tragic happiness for his ex-lover’s new found romance and profound happiness as he waits to be that happy with someone else as well.

25. Bibia Be Ye Ye – ÷

The perfect road trip song, this care-free diddy follows Sheeran as he traces his steps from last night’s drunken escapades including finding his wallet and keys. It’s a delightful song that is a must for any road trip.

24. Sing – X

This is another popular track from Sheeran’s second album that is about needing love from a specific girl. It’s a very fun song,

23. Lego House – +

The song that led most people to his music, Lego House details his want to fall in love and grow old with his love and how he wants to rebuild the relationship and keep going.

22. English Rose – X (Wembley Edition)

This is another road trip song that follows Ed as he travels Tennessee looking for his dreams while reminiscing about the love that he has waiting for him back in England. The acoustic jam is very upbeat and fun.

21. Make It Rain – X (Wembley Edition)

This one is one of the extremely rare examples of Sheeran building his song off of an electric guitar instead of an acoustic. The R&B/Gospel-style song is infectious and slow and evocative.

20. Autumn Leaves – +

This gentle treasure tales about falling in love during the fall and is, in my opinion, the definitive “autumn” song.

19. Touch and Go – X (Wembley Edition)

This song is fun and fast-paced and treat for the ears. Trust me and listen to it. You’ll thank me.

18. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You – +

The song that solidified Sheeran’s talent as a rapper, the song shows off Sheeran’s talents and vents his frustrations about industry people and critics.

17. Shape of You – ÷

Easily Sheeran’s best produced song, Shape of You is the flagship song of his third album. The song talks about lovers who meet in a bar and the relationship that follows. It’s a great song, but I don’t need to tell you that.

16. Afire Love – X

This song tells the sweet story of Sheeran’s grandfather and the struggles of old age. He also tells about what his grandfather said to his grandmother. It’s a beautiful song.

15. Dive – ÷

This is the other example of Sheeran building his song around an electric. The slow jam details Sheeran’s hesitations to “dive” into a new relationship.

14. Tenerife Sea – X

This acoustic ballad talks about falling in love and does it masterfully. It’s a beautiful song that is unmatched in Sheeran’s catalog, which features lots in the way of love songs.

13. Supermarket Flowers – ÷

This piano-driven song is a tragic one. Detailing the death of his grandmother and the mourning process that followed from the perspective of his mother. It’s by leaps and bounds the most heartbreaking song in his catalog.

12. What Do I Know?

This song talks about how music and love can save the world. It’s a very important and powerful song. There’s only one image that can sum up this song…11590722

11. I See Fire – X

This haunting song was written for 2013’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and appears in the end credits. Its depicts the story of Smaug’s attack on Rivendale, the scene that closes out the film.

10. The A Team – +

This ballad about a prostitute’s life is tragically beautiful. It’s the best one from his debut album.

9. Galway Girl – ÷

This catchy tune about a perfect night in Galway with the fiddler in an Irish band is perfect.

8. One – X

The opener for his second album is a great song about waiting for love from a specific person and how they are the only one for him. It’s the perfect start for an album.

7. Thinking Out Loud – X

Many have named this the definitive slow dancing love song. I would agree had a certain song not been released on ÷. Nevertheless, the grammy-winning song is a masterpiece.

6. Photograph – X

This beautiful acoustic ballad about lost love works surprisingly well for road trips.

5. Castle on the Hill – ÷

You know how a song can find you at the right time and right place? This is one of them for me. As a newly minted senior in high school, the lead single off of Sheeran’s third album, the song about nostalgia and childhood is perfect to me.

4. The Man – X

This rap song about betrayal and moving on is excellent, with some of the best production on a Sheeran song ever. Bravo!

3. Nancy Mulligan – ÷

Irish music is very fun, especially for Irish people such as myself. This song about how his grandparents got together is infectious and stellar. It’s always on rotation in my house.

2. All of the Stars – X (Wembley Edition)

This beautiful song about falling in love under the stars is gorgeous and sweet. It’s an underrated and under-appreciated gem in Sheeran’s catalog.

1. Perfect – ÷

The song is literally called perfect, need I say more? This love song is actually the best love song of all time and is absolute mesmerizing. It’s my favorite song in his catalog.


What do you think? What is your favorite Ed Sheeran song? Which artist should I make a  Top 40 for next? Let me know!



Ranking The MCU: Live Rankings

Ranking The MCU: Live Rankings

The MCU is gearing up to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming next month and I thought it was a good time to rank the various films in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. This franchise is one of my favorites and I can’t believe it’s already nine years old. Check back here after every Marvel movie to see my updated list!

16. Iron Man 2 (2010)iron-man-2-di

Iron Man 2 isn’t a bad film and definitely has rewatch ability. The plot just feels very filler and the film was kind of unnecessary to the overall MCU. It doesn’t do much but tease the next year’s films. It felt kind of like a cash grab, but it was the most enjoyable cash grab ever. It is nowhere near as good as the original, but it is definitely good for white noise on FX every month.

15. Thor: The Dark World (2013)460372

This was very boring the first time, but, upon revisiting, it is more enjoyable and contributes significantly to the MCU overall. It features the worst villain ever and the biggest waist of a great actor in Christopher Eccleston’s Malekith. Tom Hiddleston’s Loki carries the film through dull moments and is the emotional drive of the film. This was very much about Loki post-Avengers. And if they had made it Loki rather than jam it with meaningless Thor junk then maybe this would’ve been much higher on the list.

14. Ant-Man (2015)ant-man-captain-america-3-giant-man

Ant-Man is funny at times, but this character really only works within an ensemble. It’s a necessary installment to set-up Civil War and Paul Rudd is great, but it has no rewatch value and was very dull for an MCU film. It also introduces Marvel’s de-aging scene in the beginning, which is now a staple of MCU films.

13. The Incredible Hulk (2008)the2bincredible2bhulk2b1

The Hulk’s introduction to the MCU is good. It’s very interesting, but it does not feature nearly enough Hulk. In the long run, Marvel has sort of swept this one under the rug, mainly due to Edward Norton’s departure from the role in post-production and we’ve heard only small references to it. That was, until Civil War, but besides that, the film is still enjoyable, but is overly full of character and low on HULK SMASHING!

12. Thor (2011)thor-3-ragnarok-chris-hemsworth

Thor’s introduction is fun and the most diverse introduction to an MCU character yet. The film has second act that is focuses on character and heart and boy does it succeed, but it’s just a hair long. The third act is short and effective, but ultimately dissatisfying. Overall, Thor is effective and a thrill, but ultimately fails to completely deliver.

11. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)the-avengers-2-ultron-captain-america-iron-man-official

The film had the big task of living up to the original while also introducing new characters and elements to drive the story forward. In most regards, it does. It gives us the first permanent death in the franchise, while also driving the direction of the MCU forward. It also features a great villain in the form of James Spader’s Ultron and turns Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye into a lovable character. Overall, AoU succeeds, but it does have some parts that feel weird and unnecessary, like the Thor in a cave pool stuff. Weird.


10. Iron Man 3 (2013)tumblr_static_ironman3

Widely considered as awful at the time, the film’s twist works and the story work as a self-contained ending for the Iron Man trilogy. It concludes his story perfectly, while being avoided by the wider MCU because of the poor fan reception and the fact that Robert Downey Jr’s contract was almost up at the time. Shane Black delivers a great story set in a superhero world.

9. Captain America: Civil War (2016)civil-war-2

Captain America’s series is one of the rare and beautiful examples of perfect trilogy. The series feels like they always mainly serve as Avengers stories without the whole team involved and this film definitely embraced that by bring virtually ever Avenger in for what can only be described as a better Avengers 2 or Avengers 2.5. The film is great, building fantastic character arcs and delivering amazing action sequences. Spider-Man and Black Panther are standouts and the rest of the cast is developed forward in their respective stories. It feels like a comic book crossover come to life and is an absolute delight.

8. Doctor Strange (2016)doctor-strange-1

Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent. With a fantastic story and self-contained discover for the MCU, the film introduces its most interesting character since Captain America. The film features a great ensemble and the best VFX of the franchise. Strange is a masterpiece and I can’t wait to see his return.

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)at6khn8b

This is the most accurate depiction of modern day high school on film. Tom Holland is fantastic and his ensemble cast is stellar. The film also features some of the best costumes in the franchise, as well as one of the best villains in the MCU in Michael Keaton’s Vulture. The film personalizes the MCU again, while still connecting to larger events. It was a fantastic high school film and stands as the best Spider-Man film.

6. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)rjhvhttx0kxduc5anmh9

Superheroes in World War II…what more do I have to say. This story is perfect and works as a great period piece while introducing arguably the best character in the MCU in Chris Evans’ Captain America. The film also features one of the best villains of the series in Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull. And that post-credits teaser for Avengers…what more must I say.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (2017)guardians-of-the-galaxy-vol-2-wallpaper

The latest installment of the franchise works on so many levels. The growing ensemble has so much chemistry and work together so well. The great character development and the moments delivered pay off in unexpected ways and work so well. With breakout returning performances from Michael Rooker, Bradley Cooper, Sean Gunn, and Dave Bautista, Guardians 2 succeeds immensely. The film also features the best villain introduced in the MCU since 2011 in Kurt Russell’s Ego The Living Planet. The film ends beautifully and features a great soundtrack. However, it does have too many post-credits scenes.

4. Iron Man (2008)greatest-superhero-films-iron-man

The film that started it all works so well. It’s a brilliant comedy and a self-contained story that gives the best character arc of any single film in the franchise. Iron Man is brilliant and kickstarted a franchise that has grown to an amazing powerhouse.

3. Captain America: The Winter Solider (2014)captain-america-the-winter-soldier-hd-wallpaper

The second film in Cap’s trilogy is so different from anything else in the MCU. The Winter Soldier is an amazing political thriller that is relevant and features a great villain in Robert Redford’s Alexander Pierce. The film pulls back the covers on the biggest, most detrimental twist in the MCU: SHIELD is HYDRA. The death of SHIELD affects the MCU in big way and helps shape the landscape in away that propels us towards Infinity War.

2. The Avengers (2012)the-avengers-2-full-page-feature

The culmination of the first phase of the MCU, The Avengers is a non-stop thrill ride that delivers excellent moments and a great story that finals births the MCU as we know it. It is eminently re-watchable and works on so many levels. It is the definition of a blockbuster and is the epitome of the Marvel Universe. It is the product of Kevin Feige’s vision and is a near perfect film.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)guardians-of-the-galaxy-wallpaper-roster-nebula

This film is an instant classic that creates a whole new side of the MCU that is fun, thrilling, daring, and dangerous. The Marvel Cosmic Universe is the brainchild of James Gunn, who masterly directs this project through two installments that couple together to make a perfect, seamless story. This film, however, stands perfectly alone and features the most incredible cast with Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Dame Bautista, and Vin Diesel and their chemistry is so explosive that is trumps the untouchable chemistry of The Avengers. And to top it all off, the film features the best soundtrack in cinema history.

Doctor Who: Ranking The Doctors

Doctor Who: Ranking The Doctors

The Doctor is one of the largest sci-fi icons of all time. Everyone who loves Doctor Who knows the greatest debate in the Whovian fandom: who is the best Doctor? For many, it is the version of The Doctor they were introduced to first. I will be ranking The Doctor’s various incarnations. These are my personal opinions and if you feel otherwise, feel free to converse with each other and me in the comments. Without further ado, let’s step back into the TARDIS and travel through my list. I will also include my top five episodes for Classic Who and top ten episodes for New Who.

13. Colin Baker – The Sixth Doctor (1985-1986)colinbaker

Almost every Doctor Who ranking list you look at, you will find Colin Baker at the bottom. I feel bad about the hate he gets for his performance, but it isn’t unwarranted. The Sixth Doctor had the impossible task of following up Tom Baker and Peter Davison, and, while he tried to do something new, it didn’t work too well. He was going for aloof and silly, but he came off as arrogant and sometimes dark. Audiences did not receive his Doctor well, leading to a very short run of 35 episodes.

  1. The Two Doctors
  2. The Caves of Androzani: Part Four
  3. The Trial of a Time Lord
  4. The Mark of the Rani
  5. Attack of the Cybermen

12. William Hartnell – The First Doctor (1963-1966)doctor-who

Now, this is controversial. Hartnell is the original and for that I thank him. However, the definition of what makes The Doctor has changed since the show premiered in 1963. Hartnell was great for his time, but his incarnation is pretty hard to watch at times. He is very grumpy and pompous, but he is also like your grandad. His time in the TARDIS is iconic, but the show and times have changed so much that Hartnell’s Doctor does not necessarily hold up.

  1. An Unearthly Child
  2. The Tenth Planet
  3. The End of Tomorrow
  4. Flashpoint
  5. The Day of Darkness

11. John Hurt – The War Doctor (2013)wardoctor

John Hurt’s secret Doctor is stellar. He really is fantastic. The late John Hurt was a phenomenal actor who brought such a gritty, realistic picture of what a solider version of The Doctor would look like. The only reason why the War Doctor is this low on my list is because he really only got to shine in one episode, where he sort of just criticized the other characters. He made two very gritty cameos in two other episodes that season, but he only starred in The Day of The Doctor. He has the shortest run of any Doctor ever, but he won over so many fans with the limited amount of scenes he had. RIP John Hurt.

  1. The Day of The Doctor
  2. The Night of The Doctor
  3. The Name of The Doctor

10. Patrick Troughton – The Second Doctor (1966-1969)patricktroughton1

Troughton’s Doctor is phenomenal. His Doctor is funny yet serious, grumpy yet happy. The Second Doctor is a living paradox that is fun to watch, but does get sort of old. He is low on this list, simply because I like the other Doctors on this list better.

  1. The Power of the Daleks
  2. The Tomb of the Cybermen
  3. The Evil of the Daleks
  4. The Three Doctors
  5. The War Games

9. Jon Pertwee – The Third Doctor (1970-1974)sean_pertwee_and_katy_manning_celebrate_doctor_who_star_jon_pertwee_on_his_birthday

Jon Pertwee is fantastic. Despite the mind-boggling decision to strand The Doctor on Earth, Pertwee makes it work in fun and interesting ways. This Doctor is entertaining, but again, he is only low on this list because I like some of the others more.

  1. The Three Doctors
  2. Spearhead from Space
  3. Inferno
  4. Day of the Daleks
  5. The Time Monster

8. Sylvester McCoy – The Seventh Doctor (1987-1989, ’96)sylvester-mccoy-doctor-who

While Colin Baker brought unintentional edginess to The Doctor, McCoy brought a secretive, sometimes manipulative darkness to the role that somewhat legitimized the show. McCoy gave a brilliant performance, but his tenure suffered from lazy storytelling and a severe lack of funds from low viewership. He is a very underrated Doctor who was given a shocking end when he regenerated in the 1996 TV movie.

  1. Time and the Rani
  2. The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
  3. Battlefield
  4. Survival
  5. Ghost Light

7. Paul McGann, The Eighth Doctor (1996, 2013)mcgann1

The most underrated Doctor of them all is McGann. His Doctor gave an interesting new take in the TV movie that would serve as the early blueprints for the new, revived Doctor Who. McGann’s Doctor was incredible, especially in his send-off minisode The Night of The Doctor.

  1. The Night of The Doctor
  2. Doctor Who (TV Movie)

6. Peter Davison – The Fifth Doctor (1981-1984)peterdavison-5thdoctor

Following up Tom Baker was a very hard task. Davison did it masterly, presenting a younger, fresher Doctor who went hands free. His adventures were remarkably told and expertly crafted, with Davison’s performance always shining.

  1. The Five Doctors
  2. Arc of Infinity
  3. The Caves of Androzani
  4. Planet of Fire
  5. Four to Doomsday

5. Tom Baker – The Fourth Doctor (1974-1981)tom-baker-doctor-who-blow-up-bbc

Tom Baker is the quintessential Classic Doctor. His performance endured for years and he entertained through some of the best storylines of Classic Who. His Doctor was light hearted and fun, but was unafraid to get serious and dark. He was the original David Tennant, but with weaker storylines.

  1. Genesis of the Daleks
  2. Revenge of the Cybermen
  3. Terror of the Zygons
  4. Logopolis
  5. City of Death

4. Peter Capaldi, The Twelfth Doctor (2013-2017)peter_capaldi_confirms_he_s_leaving_doctor_who_at_the_end_of_series_10

In his first season, I couldn’t stand the grumpy old man calling himself The Doctor. But as Capaldi progressed, his Doctor became more light-hearted and fun. Now, 12 ranks as one of my all-time favorites. With great stories from Time Heist to Heaven Sent to Extremis, Capaldi shines and it will be hard to say goodbye.

  1. Extremis
  2. Heaven Sent
  3. World and Enough Time
  4. Time Heist
  5. The Lie of the Land
  6. The Husbands of River Song
  7. Listen
  8. Oxygen
  9. Kill The Moon
  10. Deep Breath

3. Christopher Eccleston – The Ninth Doctor (2005)christopher_eccleston_1

While he only starred in one season, Eccleston’s Doctor was..well, fantastic. He brought a darker Doctor who was still light-hearted and wanted nothing more than to prevent death, even after he had destroyed the Time Lords and Daleks. Many people say to “skip nine”, but that would deprive audiences of one of the greatest Doctors of all time.

  1. The Parting of the Ways
  2. The Doctor Dances
  3. The Empty Child
  4. The End of the World
  5. Rose
  6. Bad Wolf
  7. Dalek
  8. Father’s Day
  9. World War Three
  10. Boom Town

2. David Tennant – The Tenth Doctor (2005-2010)DOCTOR WHO

To many, David is the greatest Doctor. He was funny and light-hearted, with fantastical whimsies and a lovable personality. He was also harboring an under-level of angst and anger that simmered just below the surface. His tenure flourished with good stories and  great performances, but it did suffer some from a very low budget. Despite this, Tennant will go down in history for his amazing portrayal of The Doctor.

  1. Blink
  2. The Unicorn and the Wasp
  3. The Girl in the Fireplace
  4. Forest of the Dead
  5. Last of the Time Lords
  6. Doomsday
  7. Journey’s End
  8. Time Crash
  9. New Earth
  10. The Fires of Pompeii

1. Matt Smith – The Eleventh Doctor (2010-2013)hpm7gqe

If David Tennant was the Tom Baker of the revived Doctor Who, then Matt Smith was the Peter Davison. Having the impossible task of following up Tennant, Smith brought a fun and youthful energy while still maintaining The Doctor’s trademark simmering darkness. I prefer Smith to Tennant simply for Smith’s lovable attitude and personality that just makes you want to be his companion. Matt had better companions than David in the form of Amy, Rory, River, and Clara. Besides the great companions and excellent performances, Matt’s tenure was made even better by fantastic storytelling and a significantly improved budget.

  1. The Day of The Doctor
  2. The Eleventh Hour
  3. The Angels Take Manhattan
  4. The Time of The Doctor
  5. Amy’s Choice
  6. Asylum of the Daleks
  7. The Rings of Akhaten
  8. A Town Called Mercy
  9. A Christmas Carol
  10. The Big Bang

What do you think? Who is your favorite Doctor? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to read the other articles I have around here.


Dark Universe: A Post-Credit Scene Sketch for The Mummy

Dark Universe: A Post-Credit Scene Sketch for The Mummy

With the announcement of the Universal Monsters franchise being officially branded Dark Universe, I decided now was the appropriate time to publish a short scene sketch I wrote to serve as a post-credit screen for Universal’s The Mummy. I have not seen the film yet and this is all just for fun. I hope you enjoy!

(The credits finish rolling. The scene begins with Tom Cruise entering the room of Russell Crowe’s Henry Jekyll. Cruise says nothing, but Jekyll can sense he has come to announce his success in defeating The Mummy.)

Jekyll: (Slightly Menacingly) You think your world is safe. The Mummy was just the beginning. You are unaware to the fact that you live in an age of gods and monsters.

(Jekyll’s voice carries on in voice over.)

Jekyll: Monsters that range from the tragic…

(Camera pans up on the back of a chair in an outdoor cafe in Paris, the Eiffel Tower being visible in the distance. We see the top of a hat peeking out of the top of a chair. We watch has a gloved hand reaches and picks up a cup of tea, revealing the gloved hand is NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING! The hand raises up and THE INVISIBLE MAN turns his head and takes a sip as we see the liquid disappear into thin air.)

Jekyll: …To the most terrible…

(We cut to a man in an overcoat walking down the streets of New York. He follows a woman down an alley way, but the camera does not. We hear a small scream. The man emerges wiping blood away from his mouth. We cut back to see the woman’s bitten neck as two young men discover her body. DRACULA!!)

Jekyll: …To the stuff of pure nightmares.

(Cut to a mountain forest as a giant, hulking figure emerges. We cut to the back of his rectangular head as he looks down on a city. We cut to a side shot where we see him smirk, the moonlight glistening off of the screw protruding from his neck. FRANKENSTEIN!! We return to Jekyll’s room where he is standing, facing Tom Cruise.)

Cruise: And where do you fit into all of this, Dr. Jekyll?

(Jekyll turns away from Cruise as he looks out the window. He smirks and we punch in close up on his eye as it twinkles and his pupil enlarges, hinting at MR. HYDE. Cut to black.)

The End.

All works produced on are property of Kaleb Koho. All rights reserved by copyright.


Anomaly: A Review

Anomaly: A Review


This album came out in 2014 and earned Lecrae many nominations, including three Grammys in the categories of “Best Gospel Song,” “Best CCM Performance,” and “Best Rap Performance”. He won two of three, losing Rap to Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”. That doesn’t negate the brilliance of this rap album. As a performer, Lecrae ranks among the very best. His catalog is remarkable, including albums such as Rebel, Rehab, & Gravity and his Church Clothes mixtape trilogy. Anomaly proves to be a very different flavor for Lecrae and maybe his best album yet. The album features the least amount of other artists, resulting in a lot of time with Lecrae and his thoughts.

1. Outsiders

The opening track sets a style for the album’s production that sounds very sleek and professional. The song sets the tone in terms of subject matter and immediately tells listeners that Lecrae has somethings to say and he is unashamed of his thoughts. The song talks about how he never really fit in as a child and still doesn’t fit in to this day and that doesn’t bug him. As he says, Lecrae would rather be an outsider than sacrifice his integrity. The song gradually builds while maintaining an ominous tone, hyping listeners up for big things to come. It works extremely well as an intro song.

Track Rating: 8/10

Grade: A-

2. Welcome to America

The song that many would assume to be a patriotic welcome song will pleasantly surprise. The song exposes stereotypes of America’s colored culture and pulls the layers back on the negative jobs and acts that inner citizens are forced to perform to survive. It tears down the fake portrait that we put up for ourselves and other nations. There is a verse as well that sheds a light on the mistreatment of veterans and soldiers of our nation as well. The final verse exposes the positive dreams of immigrants who want to live here and trying to pitch why they want to live there. Lecrae rides the beat well and the production is very solid.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

3. Say I Won’t (feat. Andy Mineo)

The third track is a change of tone from the previous two heavy songs and gives listeners something fun to jam to. Andy Mineo and Lecrae go crazy with fast verses and displays of lyricism common from Andy’s catalog. The beat is fun and these two play off each other with excellent chemistry. The song is an anthem for overcoming doubt and being proud of being different, piggybacking off of themes from “Outsiders”.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A+

4. Nuthin

Lecrae displays his talents as a hip-hop vocalist as well as a skilled rapper in this jam that is a must for any hype playlist. The song compares what Lecrae deems is important and what he talks about in contrast to the rest of the rap genre, which he claims don’t talk about anything of importance. The song has a fun beat and great vocals. This is a necessity for any DJ who thinks they make fire playlists.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

5. Fear

At this point, Lecrae slows things down a little bit to examine the virtue of bravery. He shines a light on his insecurity and private fears and he confesses his worries over the top of an impressive beat with another display of impressive vocals from Lecrae. This song is raw and real. He lyrically samples Psalm 21 for his intro and it works wonderfully. This song is brilliant and an under-appreciated gem in his catalog.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

6. Anomaly

This funky beat that takes cues from reggae and jazz creates a smooth and fun beat that is sure to make heads nod. Lecrae examines how “the system didn’t plan for this” and brings back his outcast theme that is prevalent throughout this album. The song is a wonderful song that really examines abnormality from the social norms.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A

7. Timepiece

This song switches the album pacing and slows thing down in a good way. This song has a catchy hook and amazing production. The lyricism in this one song alone demonstrates Lecrae’s uniqueness and importance to the rap industry. The song deals with the concept of time and how we don’t have much. Time is a commodity that we are running out of.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

8. Dirty Water

At this point, we make an aggressive change with a hard beat and hard lyrics that highlight social fakes and the need for social change and faith. The song is really fun tom listen to and has very good production.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A+

9. Wish

The song talks about wishing and regrets and how to deal with change and things we wish we could change. The song is pretty and the sentiment is really touching. We’ve all been where Lecrae is at this point on the album and it really hits home. The choppy production is a stylistic choice that pays off excellently. This song is a great one that briefly highlights the theme of fleeting time again.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A

10. Runners

This song is another fun jam, speeding things up again as Lecrae examines the theme of loyalty in relationships and how to avoid the temptation of lust and the struggles of cheating. The song wouldn’t nearly be as good without the comedically and realistic skits that start, bridge, and end the song. The bass-heavy production is some of the best of the album and backs Lecrae as he highlights his own temptations as he admits his faults and his own imperfections while advising from experience.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

11. All I Need Is You

The lead single from the album is the best from the project. The medium paced track features great vocals and solid lyricism from Lecrae. The song talks about how Lecrae’s relate ship with God is all he needs and lists all the things that he needs help with while comparing the relationship to being an anchor for his life. It’s an addictive song that really does affect the listener.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

12. Give In (feat. Crystal Nicole)

The production of this one is the best of the album. The song is based 99% off of acapella recordings done by Lecrae and Crystal. It sounds so good and the message of the track is really sweet. The song serves as a love song and lists all the ways he gives in to his love.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A+

13. Good, Bad, Ugly

The album slows down a bit here as things get real and personal again for Lecrae. The song detailing the story of how he was sexually abused when he was eight by his seventeen year old babysitter and a later story about how he and his girlfriend got an abortion and regretted it. The song also talks about how he found healing with the bad and ugly parts of his life and how people don’t always want to listen to or help with the ugly parts. He asks God to take his good, bad, and ugly parts. The song is really tragic and beautiful. It’s my personal favorite from the album.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

14. Broken (feat. Kari Jobe)

This song is also beautifully tragic and deals in similar themes on a bigger scale. Telling the story of how everyone is broken by sin and how we chase anything to feel better, when the answer is the grace and restoration we get when we accept Christ into our lives. The song features gorgeous vocals from Kari Jobe and wonderful metaphors backed by sleek production involving strings. He details his brokenness as including sexual abuse, fatherlessness, and insecurity. The song is a beautiful tribute to the hurting.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

15. Messengers (feat. for KING & COUNTRY)

The final song is a excellently produced call to action, encouraging Christians to spread the good news of The Bible and features the style of music and perfect vocals of for KING & COUNTRY. The wonderful arrangement of alternative and bolstering music just uplifts and inspires change in all areas of life. It’s an excellent closer to the best album of 2014 and Lecrae’s best work.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+


Lecrae is a prolific rapper and songwriter. The production of this album is some of the best work done by any artist in any genre. The album inspires, encourages, and entertains to levels that is not seen much in any genre. Lecrae carries the bulk of the album on his back, balancing the themes and tones brilliantly and shares the spotlight wonderfully with acts that compliment his style perfectly. The album is a masterpiece of music and creative expression if their ever was one. The project reaches out and offers help to the hurting, inspires change for the revolutionaries and leaders, and sympathizes with the broken, highlighting his own struggles and past. This album is a necessity of not just rap music, but music in general.

Album Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Masterlist

Movie Trivia Schmoedown Masterlist


  • Champion: “Dangerous” Dan Murrell (7-1)**
  1. “The Commissioner” Kristian Harloff (7-3) [KO Record]
  2. “The Outlaw” John Rocha (6-4)***
  3. “Classy” Clarke Wolfe (5-3)
  4. Mark “Baby Carrots” Ellis (5-3) [2016 Ultimate Schmoedown Champion]
  5. “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider (4-3) [Team Champion via Team Patriots]
  6. “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (3-1)
  7. William “The Beast” Bibbiani (3-2) [Singles Points Record Holder]
  8. Marc “The Android” Andreyko (2-1) {1 loss as Finstock}
  9. Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (2-1)
  10. “The Wildman” Josh Macuga (7-7)

Unranked Competitors:

  • “Mighty” Matt Knost (2-2)
  • “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine (3-4) [Free 4 All Champion]
  • “Little Evil” JTE (5-6) [Team Champion via Patriots]
  • Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (1-0)
  • “Sassy” Stacey Howard (1-0)
  • “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler (1-1)
  • “The Mantzman” Scott Mantz (2-3)
  • “The Magic Man” Marc Bernardin (1-0)
  • Tim “The Tank” Franco (1-0)
  • “Big” Jon Schnepp (1-1)
  • “The Judge” Andy Signore (1-1)
  • “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok (1-2)
  • Jason “Justice” Inman (1-2)
  • Elliot “The Mountain” Dewberry (1-2)
  • Grae “Light’s Out” Drake (1-2)
  • “The Kahuna” Matt Atchity (0-1)
  • Jonathan “The Vulture” Voytko (0-1)
  • “The Mad Hatter” John Humphrey (0-1)
  • “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington (0-1)
  • “The Sergeant” Khail Anonymous (0-1)
  • RB3 (0-1)
  • “Scary” Perri Nemiroff (0-1)
  • “Tricky” Tom Dagnino (0-2)
  • “The Producer/Seducer” Nick Scarpino (0-2)
  • “The Icon” Hal Rudnick (0-2)

Upcoming Unranked Competitors:

  • Chris “The Kid” Hartwell (0-0)
  • “The Modest Assassin” Denis Zheng (0-0)
  • Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (0-0)
  • “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett (0-0)

Retired Competitors:

  • Mark “Yodi” Reilly (9-4)*
  • Sasha Perl-Raver (1-0)
  • “El Mayimbe” Umberto Gonzalez (0-1)
  • Kara Warner (0-1)
  • Ashley “The Robin” Robinson (0-1)
  • John “The Crazy Canadian” Campea (0-2)
  • Finstock (2-4)

Special Celebrity Competitors:

  • “The Olympian” Cody Miller (1-0)
  • “The Stuckmanizer” Chris Stuckmann (1-0)
  • Sam “The Warrior” Witwer (1-0)
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers (1-0)
  • “The Master” Freddie Prinze Jr (0-1)
  • Brian Goodman (0-1)

*-1st & 4th singles champion **-2nd & 5th singles champion ***-3rd singles champion


  • Champion: Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (2-1)
  1. “The Joker” Jeremy Jahns (2-2)
  2. Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (1-1)
  3. “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington (1-0)
  4. “Crazy” Coy Jandreau (1-0)
  5. “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett (1-3)*
  6. Jason “Justice” Inman (0-1)
  7. “The Golden Mic” Emma Fyffe (0-1)
  8. “The Enigma” Erika Ishii (0-1)
  9. Charley “The Fighter” Feldman (0-1)
  10. Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (0-2)

Unranked Competitors:

  • Ashley “The Robin” Robinson (0-1)
  • “Maddog” Michelle Boyd (0-1)

Retired Competitors:

  • “The Crazy Canadian” John Campea (0-1)
  • “The Icon” Hal Rudnick (0-2)

Upcoming Unranked Competitors:

  • “The Stuckmanizer” Chris Stuckmann (0-0)
  • “Dangerous” Dan Murrell (0-0)

*1st Innergeekdom Champion


  • Champions: Team Patriots (7-0) [JTE and Jeff Sneider]
  1. Top 10 (5-3) [John Rocha & Matt Knost] **
  2. Heroes (3-1) [Hector Navarro & Jon Schnepp] {Formerly Robert Meyer Burnett}
  3. MODOK (5-3) [Grae Drake & Matt Atchity] {Formerly Rotten Tomatoes}
  4. Trek (4-2) [Scott Mantz & Jason Inman]
  5. Schmoes (4-2) [Kristian Harloff & Mark Ellis]*
  6. Wolves of Steel (3-2) [Mark Reilly & Clarke Wolfe]
  7. The Nerd’s Watch (2-1) [Ken Napzok & Rachael Cushing]
  8. Six Degrees (2-2) [Brianne Chandler & Stacey Howard]
  9. Team Action (2-1) [Ben Bateman & Andrew Ghai] {Team Points Record}
  10. Critically Acclaimed (1-0) [William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold]


  • DC Movie News (1-0) [Mike Kalinsowski & Adam Gertler]
  • Deep Cuts (1-1) [Aaron Wilhelm & Thadd Williams]
  • Double Toasted (1-0) [Korey Coleman & Martin Thomas]
  • The Reel Rejects (1-3) [John Humphrey & Greg Alba]
  • Late to the Party (0-1) [Vanessa & Rob]
  • Only Stupid Answers (0-1) [DJ Woldridge and Sam Bashor]
  • Nerdist (0-1) [Rachael Heine & Dan Casey]
  • What The Flick (0-1) [Alonso Duralde & Christy Lemire]
  • Cinemablend (0-2) [Eric Eisenberg & Connor Schwerdtfeger]

Upcoming Unranked:

  • Macuga/TBA (0-0) [Josh Macuga & ????]
  • Above The Line (0-0) [Samm Levine and Drew McWeeny]
  • Blofeld’s Cat (0-0) [Marc Andreyko and Robert Meyer Burnett]
  • Ishii/Feldman (0-0)

Retired Teams:

  • Team B.O.B. (3-1) [JTE & Finstock]
  • IGN (2-1) [Eric Goldman & Jim Vejvoda]
  • ETC (3-3) [Elliot Dewberry & Ricky Hayberg]
  • Megapowers (1-1) [Josh Macuga & Finstock]
  • Tuff Beats (1-3) [Perri Nemiroff & Jonathan Voytko]
  • Double Jeopardy (0-1) [Samm Levine & Brad Rutter]
  • Superhero News (0-2) [Hector Navarro & Adam Hlavac]
  • Night Sisters (0-2) [Emma Fyffe & Joelle Monique]
  • Wangers (0-3) [RB3 & Cobbster]

Special Event Teams:

  • Team Classy (1-0) [Britney Young & Britt Baron, Captain: Clarke Wolfe]
  • Collider (1-0) [Kristian Harloff & John Rocha]
  • Force Bros (1-0) [Sam Witwer & Freddie Prinze Jr]
  • Team Power (1-0) [Ludi Linn & Becky Gomez]
  • Team Missfits (0-1) [Kia Stevens & Jackie Tohn, Captain: Brianne Chandler]
  • Screen Junkies (0-1) [Andy Signore & Dan Murrell]
  • Jedi Council (0-1) [John Campea & Ken Napzok]
  • Team Rangers (0-1) [Dacre Montgomery & RJ Cyler]

*1st Team Champs **2nd Team Champs

Star Wars:

  • Champion: “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok (1-0)
  1. Sam “The Warrior” Witwer (0-1)
  2. “The Joker” Jeremy Jahns (0-1)
  3. Jenny “The Droid” Nicholson (0-1)

Retired Competitors:

  • John “The Crazy Canadian” Campea (0-1)


The Four Horsemen:

  • John Rocha – Former Singles & Team Champion & Manager
  • Matt Knost – Former Team Champion

Former Members:

  • William Bibbiani – Single All-Time Score Record
  • Robert Meyer Burnett – Former Innergeekdom Champion

The Lion’s Den:

  • Tom Dagnino – Manager
  • JTE – Team Champion
  • Jeff Sneider – Team Champion
  • Marc Andreyko
  • Robert Meyer Burnett – Former Innergeekdom Champion
  • Grace Hancock – Spokeswoman

Former Members:

  • Dan Murrell – Singles Champion

The Young Bucks:

  • RB3 – Manager
  • Hector Navarro – Innergeekdom Champion
  • John Humphrey
  • Greg Alba

Former Members:

  • Cobbster – Former Manager

The Nerd’s Watch:

  • Ken Napzok – Manager & Star Wars Champion
  • Rachael Cushing
  • Michelle Boyd

Screen Junkies:

  • Andy Signore – Manager
  • Dan Murrell – Singles Champion
  • Hal Rudnick
  • Jenny Nicholson

The Missfits:

  • Jay Washington – Manager & Spokesman
  • Brianne Chandler
  • Stacy Howard

The League:

  • Roxy Striar – Manager
  • Mike Kalinowski
  • Adam Gertler
  • John Klosto – Spokesman

The Growling Commandos:

  • Ricky Hayberg – Manager & Spokesman
  • William Bibbiani – Singles Points Record Holder
  • Witney Seibold


  • Team Action v Deep Cuts – August 23nd (USD)
  • Six Degrees v DC Movie News – August 24rd (USD)
  • Critically Acclaimed v Late to the Party – August 25th (USD)
  • Heroes v Blofeld’s Cat – August 29th (USD)
  • Top 10 v Reel Rejects – August 30th (USD)
  • Wolves of Steel v Macuga/TBA – August 31st (USD)
  • The Nerd’s Watch v Above The Line – September 1st (USD)
  • Trek v Team Action/Deep Cuts – September 5th (USD Quarter Finals)
  • USD Team Quarter Final #2 – September 6th
  • USD Team Quarter Final #3 – September 7th
  • USD Team Quarter Final #4 – September 8th
  • USD Team Semi-Final #1 – September 11th
  • USF Team Semi-Final #2 – September 11th
  • Murrell v Harloff – September 12th (Title Match)
  • Inman v Navarro v Burnett v Dewberry v Mantz – September 15th (USD Qualifier)
  • Rocha v 5-Way Winner – September 19th (Ultimate Schmoedown)
  • Ellis v Howard – September 22nd (Ultimate Schmoedown)
  • Sneider v Knost – September 26th (USD)
  • Andreyko v Cushing – September 29th (USD)
  • Wolfe v Chandler – October 9th (USD)
  • McWeeny v JTE – October 13th (USD)
  • Kalinowski v Macuga – October 17th (USD)
  • Bibbiani v Levine – October 20th (USD)
  • USD Quarter Finals #1 – October 24th (USD Quarter Final)
  • USD Quarter Finals #2 – October 27th
  • USD Quarter Finals #3 – October 31st
  • USD Quarter Finals #4 – November 3rd
  • USD Semi-Final #1 – November 7th
  • USD Semi-Final #2 – November 10th
  • Ultimate Schmoedown Team Finals – November 14th
  • Ultimate Schmoedown Singles Finals – November 17th
  • Inman v Fyffe – November 21st (Innergeekdom)

Free 4 All Records 2017:

[Brackets] indicate representation of team and/or faction

  • Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (1-1)
  • “Mighty” Matt Knost (0-1) [The 4 Horsemen & Top 10] {Former Team Champ}
  • “The Vulture” Jonathan Voytko (4-1) [Tuff Beats]
  • “The Mad Hatter” John Humphrey (10-1) [The Reel Rejects] {F4F MVP/Singles Debut}
  • “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider (2-1) [The Patriots & The Lion’s Den] {Team Champion}
  • Matt “The Anchor” Atchity (3-1) [Rotten Tomatoes]
  • Chris “The Kid” Hartwell (0-1) [Schmoedown Debut]
  • Greg Alba (0-1) [The Reel Rejects] {Singles Debut}
  • “The Icon” Hal Rudnick (2-1) [Screen Junkies]
  • Mark “Yodi” Reilly (3-1) [Wolves of Steel]{Singles Champion}
  • Alonso Duralde (5-1) [What The Flick] {Singles Debut}
  • “Dangerous” Dan Murrell (11-1) [Screen Junkies] {Former Singles Champion}
  • “Scary” Perri Nemiroff (0-1) [Tuff Beats]
  • Mark “Baby Carrots” Ellis (1-1) [Schmoes]
  • Coy Jandreau (1-1) [Schmoedown Debut]
  • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (7-1) {Former Singles & Team Champion}
  • Rachael “The Crusher” Cushing (1-1) [The Nerd’s Watch]
  • Elliot “The Mountain” Dewberry (0-1) [ETC]
  • William “The Beast” Bibbiani (5-1) [The 4 Horsemen]
  • “The Magic Man” Marc Bernardin (1-1)
  • David “DGriff’ Griffen (0-1) [Schmoedown Debut]
  • “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (3-1)
  • “The Producer Seducer” Nick Scarpino (0-1)
  • Ricky Hayberg (0-1) [ETC] {Singles Debut}
  • Marc “The Android” Andreyko (5-1) [The Lion’s Den]
  • “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington (1-1)
  • Jason “Justice” Inman (0-1) [Trek]
  • “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett (4-1) [The 4 Horsemen]
  • Stacy Howard (2-1) [Six Degrees]
  • “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler (2-1) [Six Degrees]
  • “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok (1-1) [The Nerd’s Watch]
  • “The Modest Assassin” Dennis Tzeng (1-1) [Schmoedown Debut]
  • Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (0-1) [The Young Bucks] {Innergeekdom Champ}
  • “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine (2-0) [Free4All Champ]
  • “Finstock” Tom Dagnino (0-1) [The Lion’s Den]


  • Kristian Harloff
  • Mark Ellis
  • Ken Napzok
  • Josh Macuga – Special Guest
  • Clarke Wolfe – Special Guest
  • John Rocha – Special Guest
  • John Campea – Special Guest
  • Joe Starr – Special Guest

Title Matches:

  • Reilly v Macuga, Winner: Reilly – Singles
  • Reilly v JTE, Winner: Reilly – Singles
  • Team Schmoes v Team B.O.B., Winner: Schmoes – Teams
  • Murrell v Reilly, Winner: Murrell – Singles
  • Murrell v Wolfe, Winner: Murrell – Singles
  • Team Schmoes v Top 10, Winner: Top 10 – Teams
  • Robinson v Burnett v Jahns v Navarro v Campea, Winner: Burnett – Innergeekdom
  • Patriots v Top 10, Winner: Patriots – Teams
  • Murrell v Ellis, Winner: Murrell – Singles
  • Burnett v Navarro, Winner: Navarro – Innergeekdom
  • Patriots v Trek, Winner: Patriots – Teams
  • Murrell v Rocha, Winner: Rocha – Singles
  • Napzok v Jahns v Witwer v Campea v Nicholson, Winner: Napzok – Star Wars
  • Rocha v Reilly, Winner: Reilly – Singles
  • Patriots v Wolves of Steel, Winner: Patriots – Teams
  • Patriots v Top 10 II, Winner: Patriots – Teams
  • Navarro v Jahns, Winner: Navarro – Innergeekdom
  • Murrell v Riley v Rocha, Winner: Murrell – Singles
  • Murrell v Levine, Winner: Murrell – Singles
  • Patriots v MODOK, Winner: Patriots – Teams
  • Murrell v Harloff, Winner:… – Singles

Ultimate Schmoedown 2017:


  1. “The Outlaw” John Rocha (6-4)
  2. “Classy” Clarke Wolfe (5-3)
  3. Mark “Baby Carrots” Ellis (5-3)
  4. “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider (4-3)
  5. “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (3-1)
  6. William “The Beast” Bibbiani (3-2)
  7. Marc “The Android” Andreyko (2-1)
  8. Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (2-1)
  9. “The Wildman” Josh Macuga (7-7)
  10. “Mighty” Matt Knost (2-2)
  11. “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine (3-4)
  12. “Little Evil” JTE (5-6)
  13. Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (1-0)
  14. “Sassy” Stacey Howard (1-0)
  15. “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler (1-1)
  16. Jason “Justice” Inman (1-2) or Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (0-0) or “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett (0-0) or Elliot “The Mountain” Dewberry (1-2) or “The Mantzman” Scott Mantz (2-3)

Singles Matches:

  • Rocha (1) v Winner of Fatal Five Way (16)
  • Wolfe (2) v Chandler (15)
  • Ellis (3) v Howard (14)
  • Sneider (4) v Cushing (13)
  • McWeeny (5) v JTE (12)
  • Andreyko (7) v Knost (10)
  • Levine (11) v Bibbiani (6)
  • Macuga (8) v Kalinowski (9)

Singles Predictions:


  • “The Captain” Robert Meyer Burnett (0-1) goes out first
  • Elliot “The Mountain” Dewberry (1-3) goes out second
  • Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (0-1) goes out third
  • Jason “Justice” Inman (1-3) goes out fourth
  • “The Mantzman” Scott Mantz (4-3) wins

Preliminary Rounds

  • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (7-3) beats “The Mantzman” Scott Mantz (4-4)
  • “Classy” Clarke Wolfe (6-3) beats “Miss Movies” Brianne Chandler (1-2)
  • “Sassy” Stacy Howard (2-0) beats Mark “Baby Carrots” Ellis (5-4)
  • “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider (5-3) beats Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (1-1)
  • “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (4-1) beats “Little Evil” JTE (5-7)
  • Marc “The Android” Andreyko (3-1) beats “Mighty” Matt Knost (2-3)
  • William “The Beast” Bibbiani (3-2) beats “The Inglorious One” Samm Levine (3-5)
  • Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (3-1) beats “The Wildman” Josh Macuga (7-8)

Quarter Finals

  • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (8-3) beats Mike “The Killer” Kalinowski (3-2)
  • Marc “The Android” Andreyko (4-1) beats “Classy” Clarke Wolfe (6-4)
  • William “The Beast” Bibbiani (4-2) beats “Sassy” Stacy Howard (2-1)
  • “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (5-1) beats “The Insneider” Jeff Sneider (5-4)


  • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (9-3) beats “The Godfather” Drew McWeeny (5-2)
  • Marc “The Android” Andreyko (5-1) beats William “The Beast” Bibbiani (4-3)


  • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (10-3) beats Marc “The Android” Andreyko (5-2)
    • “The Outlaw” John Rocha (10-4) loses to “Dangerous” Dan Murrell (9-1)


  1. Top 10 (5-3)
  2. Wolves of Steel (3-2)
  3. Team Trek (3-2)
  4. The Nerd’s Watch (2-1)
  5. Team Action (2-1)
  6. Six Degrees (2-2)
  7. Critically Acclaimed (1-0)
  8. Blofeld’s Cat (0-0)
  9. Heroes (3-1)
  10. Late to the Party (0-1)
  11. DC Movie News (1-0)
  12. Deep Cuts (1-1)
  13. Above The Line (0-0)
  14. Cinemablend (0-1)
  15. Macuga/TBD (0-0)
  16. The Reel Rejects (1-3)

Team Matches:

  • Top 10 (1) v The Reel Rejects (16)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (8) v Heroes (9)
  • Team Trek (3) v Cinemablend (14)
  • Team Action (5) v Deep Cuts (12)
  • Above The Line (13) v Nerd’s Watch (4)
  • Six Degrees (6) v DC Movie News (11)
  • Critically Acclaimed (7) v Late to the Party (10)
  • Wolves of Steel (2) v Macuga/TBD (15)

Team Predictions:

Preliminary Round

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Trek (4-2) beats Cinemablend (0-2)
  • Team Action (3-1) beats Deep Cuts (1-2)
  • Above The Line (1-0) beats The Nerd’s Watch (2-2)
  • Six Degrees (3-2) beats DC Movie News (1-1)
  • Late to the Party (1-1) beats Critically Acclaimed (1-1)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beats Macuga/TBA (0-1)

Quarter Finals

  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Trek (5-2) beats Team Action (3-2)
  • Above The Line (2-0) beats Six Degrees (3-3)
  • Late to the Party (2-1) beats Wolves of Steel (4-3)


  • Top 10 (8-3) beats Trek (5-3)
  • Above The Line (3-0) betas Late to the Party (2-2)


  • Top 10 (9-3) beats Above The Line (3-1)
    • Top 10 (10-3) beats The Patriots (7-1) at the Schmoedown Spectacular

Innergeekdom Tournament Predictions:


  • Jason “Justice” Inman (1-1) beats “The Golden Mic” Emma Fyffe (0-2)


  • Jason “Justice” Inman (1-2) loses first
  • “Crazy” Coy Jandreau (1-1) loses second
  • Rachel “The Crusher” Cushing (1-2) loses third
  • “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington (2-0) wins
    • “The Urban Gladiator” Jay Washington (3-0) beats Hector “The Nightmare” Navarro (2-2) at the Schmoedown Spectacular to become the 3rd champion.

The Official Schmoedown Predictions:

#WhoYaGot with “The Commissioner” Kristian Harloff, “The Pit Boss” Ken Napzok, and “The Outlaw” John Rocha…

  • Trek (3-2) v Cinemablend (0-1)
    • Harloff’s got Trek
    • Napzok’s got Cinemablend – BUSTED
    • Rocha’s got Trek
  • Team Action (2-1) v Deep Cuts (1-1)
    • Harloff’s got Team Action
    • Napzok’s got Team Action
    • Rocha’s got Team Action
  • Heroes (3-1) v Blofeld’s Cat (0-0)
    • Harloff’s got Blofeld’s Cat (by the last question)
    • Napzok’s got Blofeld’s Cat
    • Rocha’s got Blofeld’s Cat (highly combustible)
  • Top 10 (5-3) v The Reel Rejects (1-3)
    • Harloff’s got Top 10 (by a lot)
    • Napzok’s got Top 10
    • Rocha’s got Top 10 (but it’ll be close)
  • Six Degrees (2-2) v DC Movie News (1-0)
    • Harloff’s got Six Degrees
    • Napzok’s got Six Degrees
    • Rocha’s got DC Movie News
  • The Nerd’s Watch (2-1) v Above The Line (0-0)
    • Harloff’s got The Nerd’s Watch
    • Napzok’s got The Nerd’s Watch (but very close)
    • Rocha’s got The Nerd’s Watch
  • Critically Acclaimed (1-0) v Late to the Party (0-1)
    • Harloff’s got Critically Acclaimed (to win it all)
    • Napzok’s got Critically Acclaimed (to win it all)
    • Rocha’s got Critically Acclaimed
  • Wolves of Steel (3-2) v Macuga/TBA (0-0)
    • Harloff’s got Wolves of Steel
    • Napzok’s got Wolves of Steel (unless his partner’s Dan Murrell)
    • Rocha’s got Wolves of Steel

Harloff’s Bracket:

Preliminary Round

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Trek (4-2) beats Cinemablend (0-2)
  • Team Action (3-1) beats Deep Cuts (1-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beat Macuga/TBA (0-1)
  • Critically Acclaimed (2-0) beats Late to the Party (0-2)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (3-1) beats Above The Line (0-1)
  • Six Degrees (3-2) beats DC Movie News (1-1)

Quarter Finals:

  • Critically Acclaimed (3-0) beats Wolves of Steel (4-3)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (4-1) beats Six Degrees (3-3)
  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Team Action (4-1) beats Trek (4-3)


  • Top 10 (8-3) beats Action (4-2)
  • Critically Acclaimed (4-0) beats The Nerd’s Watch (4-2)

Final: Critically Acclaimed (5-0) beats Top 10 (8-4)

Rocha’s Bracket:

Preliminary Round

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Trek (4-2) beats Cinemablend (0-2)
  • Team Action (3-1) beats Deep Cuts (1-1)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beats Macuga/TBA (0-1)
  • Critically Acclaimed (2-0) beats Late to the Party (0-2)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (3-1) beats Above The Line (0-1)
  • DC Movie News (2-0) beats Six Degrees (2-3)

Quarter Finals

  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Team Action (4-1) beats Trek (4-3)
  • Wolves of Steel (5-2) beats Critically Acclaimed (2-1)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (4-1) beats DC Movie News (2-1)


  • Top 10 (8-3) beats Team Action (4-2)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (5-1) beats Wolves of Steel (5-3)

Final: Top 10 (9-3) beats The Nerd’s Watch (5-2)

Napzok’s Bracket: BUSTED

Preliminary Round

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Cinemablend (1-1) beats Trek (3-3)
  • Team Action (3-1) beats Deep Cuts (1-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beat Macuga/TBA (0-1)
  • Critically Acclaimed (2-0) beats Late to the Party (0-2)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (3-1) beats Above The Line (0-1)
  • Six Degrees (3-2) beats DC Movie News (1-1)

Quarter Finals

  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Team Action (4-1) beats Cinemablend (1-2)
  • Critically Acclaimed (3-0) beats Wolves of Steel (4-3)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (4-1) beats Six Degrees (3-3)


  • Team Action (5-1) beats Top 10 (7-4)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (5-1) beats Critically Acclaimed (3-1)

Final: The Nerd’s Watch (6-1) beats Team Action (5-2)

The Schmoedown Rundown’s Ultimate Schmoedown Predictions:

Frank’s Bracket: BUSTED

Preliminary Matches

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Cinemablend (1-1) beats Trek (3-3)
  • Deep Cuts (2-1) beats Team Action (2-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beats Macuga/TBA (0-1)
  • Critically Acclaimed (2-0) beats Late to the Party (0-2)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (3-1) beats Above The Line (0-1)
  • Six Degrees (3-2) beats DC Movie News (1-1)

Quarter Finals

  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Cinemablend (2-1) beats Deep Cuts (2-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (5-2) beats Critically Acclaimed (2-1)
  • The Nerd’s Watch (4-1) beats Six Degrees (3-3)


  • Top 10 (8-3) beats Cinemablend (2-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (6-2) beats The Nerd’s Watch (4-2)

Final: Wolves of Steel (7-2) beats Top 10 (8-4)

Brian’s Bracket: BUSTED

Preliminary Matches

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Cinemablend (1-1) beats Trek (3-3)
  • Deep Cuts (2-1) beats Team Action (2-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beats Macuga/TBA (0-1)
  • Late to the Party (1-1) beats Critically Acclaimed (1-1)
  • Above The Line (1-0) beats The Nerd’s Watch (2-2)
  • DC Movie News (2-0) beats Six Degrees (2-3)

Quarter Finals

  • Blofeld’s Cat (2-0) beats Top 10 (6-4)
  • Cinemablend (2-1) beats Deep Cuts (2-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (5-2) beats Late to the Party (1-2)
  • Above The Line (2-0) beats DC Movie News (2-1)


  • Blofeld’s Cat (3-0) beats Cinemablend (2-2)
  • Above The Line (3-0) beats Wolves of Steel (5-3)

Final: Above The Line (4-0) beats Blofeld’s Cat (3-1)

Aaron’s Bracket: BUSTED

Preliminary Matches

  • Top 10 (6-3) beats The Reel Rejects (1-4)
  • Blofeld’s Cat (1-0) beats Heroes (3-2)
  • Cinemablend (1-1) beats Trek (3-3)
  • Team Action (3-1) beats Deep Cuts (1-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (4-2) beats Macuga/Khail Anonymous (0-1)
  • Critically Acclaimed (2-0) beats Late to the Party (0-2)
  • Above The Line (1-0) beats The Nerd’s Watch (2-2)
  • DC Movie News (2-0) beats Six Degrees (2-3)

Quarter Finals

  • Top 10 (7-3) beats Blofeld’s Cat (1-1)
  • Cinemablend (2-1) beats Team Action (3-2)
  • Wolves of Steel (5-2) beats Critically Acclaimed (2-1)
  • Above The Line (2-0) beats DC Movie News (2-1)


  • Cinemablend (3-1) beats Top 10 (7-4)
  • Wolves of Steel (6-2) beats Above The Line (2-1)

Final: Wolves of Steel (7-2) beats Cinemablend (3-2)

Kaleb Koho’s Corner: A Film Recap (January-April 2017)

Kaleb Koho’s Corner: A Film Recap (January-April 2017)

So far, I’ve made twelve trips to the movie theater so far this year to see ten films. I’m impressed with 2017 thus far, having not seen a film I outright disliked. I decided today that I would rank the ten films I’ve seen so far, and preview the top films I’m looking forward to thus far this year.


10. Kong: Skull Island17. Kong

Kong looked amazing. This film was a masterpiece of action and visuals. The story and performances left a lot to be desired. Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson felt like forced characters, while Samuel L. Jackson’s revenge plot was lame. The only performance worth mentioning was the fantastic, layered showing from John C. Reilly. His character was well-written and successfully connected with me. While this film was okay to me, it did successfully entice me into returning to Skull Island to see the King Kong face the Godzilla in 2020.

9. Power Rangerspowerrangers_share_1200x600v2

I was very excited for this movie. I love this property and was hoping that the film retained the Chronicle-like elements gifted to it by screenwriter Max Landis. The film did a great job of establishing the world and making realistic characters for the first half of the film and retaining the dark and gritty nature. By the middle, the film abandons the world established for a CGI-heavy megaword fight and cheesy quips that reflect that of the classic 90s TV show. The film had a hard time choosing what it wanted to be. The performances by RJ Cyler (Billy), Dacre Montgomery (Jason), Naomi Scott (Kimberly), and Bill Hader (Alpha) were great, but the film was hindered by Elizabeth Banks and her awkward performance as Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston’s sleepy showing as Zordon.

8. The Case for Christnews_img_f_1491238831

The Case for Christ, based on the true story of journalist Lee Strobel, surprised me. I was expecting another Christian family film in the vein of God’s Not Dead. Instead, I got a film that painted a genuine struggle within a man and conflict between him and his loved ones. The film does a good job of displaying both sides of the argument. The cinematography and hair and makeup styling were great. I would be remiss to not mention to brilliant and layered performance by lead actor Mike Vogel. The man did a great job of portraying the role and struggle going on internally.

7. The Lego Batman Movie10. The Lego Batman Movie

This was one of two movies that I made two trips to see. The first time I saw this film, I loved it, enjoying the simple plot, great voice work and nostalgic elements. However, upon a repeat viewing, I was bored and found myself disinterested in the simple plot. The performances from Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and Zach Galifinakis are still great. The nostalgia loses its touch over time. Overall, your kids will love it, but this is one that only needs one viewing to be satisfied. The first showing, however, is great.

6. The Fate of the Furiousfate-of-the-furious-logo-216895

This franchise is one of my personal favorites, admittedly a guilty pleasure. I rank the fun franchise as such…

  1. Fast and Furious 6
  2. The Fate of the Furious
  3. Fast Five
  4. The Fast and The Furious
  5. Furious 7
  6. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift
  7. Fast & Furious
  8. 2 Fast 2 Furious

This one is a worthy entry that is, personally, my second favorite Fast film (behind Fast & Furious 6). The action is the best in the franchise so far. Jason Statham is fantastic and Kurt Russell is a treat. F. Gary Gray directs this film very well and you can tell everyone is having fun. I had a blast watching this film.

5. Splitsplit-movie-james-mcavoy-ending

This film is a fantastic thriller. I was surprised by M. Night Shamylan’s work. While I enjoyed The Visit, he hasn’t made a universally praised film since Unbreakable, which lends a hand to this film’s additional appeal. James McAvoy gives the best male performance of the year thus far. He is given the task of creating nine distinct characters for Kevin’s personalities and he succeeds in spades, especially with the creation of M. Night’s new supervillian The Horde.

4. Logan5. Logan

The final outing of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was a beautiful sendoff. Hugh gives a great performance in a film that was written very nicely and directed greatly by James Mangold. Logan nicely captures what we love about Wolverine and gives us a tearjerking farewell to the only man to portray the character in live action.

3. Live By Nighthou_art_20170113_livebynight_headerjpg

There aren’t many gangster epics left in Hollywood. It’s a dying genre. Ben Affleck skillfully adapted the novel Live By Night masterfully. I drank in every frame of the beautiful visuals and loved every minute of story. Ben’s performance left a little to be desired, but his writing and directing are masterful, with great supporting characters that help carry the film.


2. Beauty & The Beastlandscape-1478512906-beauty-and-the-beast-movie

This film blew me away. Everything, the direction, performances, music, production design, makeup, costumes, and even the visual effects are stellar. I was skeptical about this film, but I was pleasantly blown away. Emma Watson is excellent. Dan Stevens is great. Luke Evans and Josh Gad are brilliant. Kevin Kline and Ewan McGreggor surprise. The film really is the prime example of how to remake a film: keep the best parts and improve on what didn’t quite work originally. This film is incredible and Disney’s best live action picture.

1. La La Landlala-land

La La Land is one of the greatest films of all time. I said it. Justin Horowitz’s score is fantastic and Damien Chazelle brilliantly writes and directs a masterpiece. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s chemistry is irresistible. Emma deserved her Oscar, as her performance is legendary. This film should have won Best Picture over Moonlight. If you haven’t watched this film, go watch!


Top 20 Films I Want To See:

20. Geostormgeostorm-trailer-700x300

  • Releasing October 20th
  • Directed By Dean Devlin and Danny Cannon
  • Written By Dean Devlin and Paul Guyot
  • Starring Gerard Butler and Abbie Cormish
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.

19. Sleightmaxresdefault2

  • Released April 28th
  • Directed by J.D. Dillard
  • Written by J.D. Dillard and Alex Theurer
  • Starring Jacob Latimore and Dulé Hill
  • Distributed by BH Tilt

18. Itit-movie-2017-pennywise-bill-skarsgard

  • Released September 8th
  • Directed by Andrés Muschietti
  • Written by Chase Palmer, Cary Joji Fukunaga, & Gary Dauberman
  • Starring Bill Skarsgård and Finn Wolfhard
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.

17. The Mummythe-mummy-2017-movie

  • Releasing June 9th
  • Directed by Alex Kurtzman
  • Written by Jon Spaihts and Christopher McQuarrie
  • Starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella
  • Distributed by Universal Studios

16. Despicable Me 3


  • Releasing June 30th
  • Directed by Kyle Balda, Piere Coffin, & Eric Guillon
  • Written by Ken Daurio & Cinco Paul
  • Starring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig
  • Distributed by Universal Studios

15. Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets


  • Releasing July 21st
  • Directed by Luc Besson
  • Written by Luc Besson
  • Starring Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne
  • Distributed by STX Entertainment

14. Blade Runner 2049


  • Releasing October 6th
  • Directed by Denis Villeneuve
  • Written by Hampton Fancher and Michael Green
  • Starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.

13. Bright


  • Releasing December 2017
  • Directed by David Ayer
  • Written by Max Landis
  • Starring Will Smith and Naomi Rapace
  • Distributed by Netflix

12. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


  • Releasing December 20th
  • Directed by Jake Kasdan
  • Written by Chris McKenna, Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg, & Erik Sommers
  • Starring Dwayne Johnson and Karen Gillian
  • Distributed by Columbia Pictures

11. War for the Planet of the Apes


  • Releasing July 14th
  • Directed by Matt Reeves
  • Written by Matt Reeves and Mark Bomback
  • Starring Andy Serkis and Woody Harrelson
  • Distributed by 20th Century Fox

10. Wonder Woman


  • Releasing June 2nd
  • Directed by Patty Jenkins
  • Written by Allan Heinberg, Zack Snyder, and Jason Fuchs
  • Starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.

9. Pitch Perfect 3


  • Releasing December 22nd
  • Directed by Trish Sie
  • Written by Kay Cannon
  • Starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson
  • Distributed by Universal Studios

8. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2


  • Releasing May 5th
  • Directed by James Gunn
  • Written by James Gunn
  • Starring Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana
  • Distributed by Walt Disney (Marvel Studios)

7. Spider-Man: Homecomingspiderman-homecoming-759

  • Releasing July 7th
  • Directed by Jon Watts
  • Written by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Day, Jon Watts, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, & Erik Sommers
  • Starring Tom Holland and Michael Keaton
  • Distributed by Walt Disney (Marvel Studios)

6. Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedisw-the-last-jedi-tall-b

  • Releasing December 15th
  • Directed by Rian Johnson
  • Written by Rian Johnson
  • Starring Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley
  • Distributed by Walt Disney (LucasArts)

5. Cars 3


  • Releasing June 16th
  • Directed by Brian Fee
  • Starring Owen Wilson and Armie Hammer
  • Distributed by Walt Disney (Pixar Animation Studios)

4. Thor: Ragnarokgallery-1469440016-logo-thor-ragnarok

  • Releasing November 3rd
  • Directed by Taika Waititi
  • Written by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Steohany Folsom, and Eric Pearson
  • Starring Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo
  • Distributed by Walt Disney (Marvel Studios)

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


  • Releasing May 26th
  • Directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg
  • Written by Jeff Nathanson and Terry Rossio
  • Starring Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem
  • Distributed by Walt Disney Studios

2. Justice Leaguebg

  • Releasing November 17th
  • Directed by Zack Snyder
  • Written by Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder
  • Starring Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot
  • Distributed by Warner Bros.

1. Murder on the Orient Express


  • Releasing November 22nd
  • Directed by Kenneth Branagh
  • Written by Michael Green
  • Starring Kennet Branagh, Johnny Depp, Josh Gad, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penélope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Lucy Boynton, Judi Dench, Michael Peña, Derek Jacobi, and Leslie Odom Jr.
  • Distributed by 20th Century Fox


What film is your favorite so far? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Let me know in the comments below.