Schmoedown Awards 2018, Vol. 1: A Comprehensive Breakdown of the Field and Early Predictions

The Movie Trivia Schmoedown awards are only a few months away, which means it’s time for rampant speculations and early predictions. In this megasized article. I’m going to undertake the daunting feat of breaking down and analyzing every category race in the MTS awards, starting with…

Singles Entrance of the Year

There a few candidates that have their names in the pool of discussion for this award this year. However, the largest name in this arena this year has been the former singles champion: William “The Beast” Bibbiani. I think he’s got a few entrances that are worthy of a nomination, including his “Clue” entrance against Jeff Sneider and his “MST3K” entrance against Marc Andreyko. Bibbiani is definitely my front runner in this award, however, if he gets double-nominated in this award, he could split the vote and that could give any of these subsequent picks the win. Brianne Chandler is the undisputed queen of entrances and her “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” entrance in the Free4All. Stacy Howard’s “Clueless” entrance against Josh Macuga could land a nomination, as well, which would be interesting to see the former team of Six Degrees vying for the same award. I also think John Rocha has an outside shot for his live event entrance against JTE, just for his energy alone.

  1. William Bibbiani – “Clue” vs Jeff Sneider
  2. Brianne Chandler – “Buffy” in Free4All 2
  3. William Bibbiani – “MST3K” vs Marc Andreyko
  4. Stacy Howard – “Clueless” vs Josh Macuga
  5. John Rocha – “Live Event” vs JTE

Teams Entrance of the Year

This field is very wide open. Thanks to the Anarchy tournament, we’ve gotten great new teams with interesting, new dynamics and sensibilities, which has led several teams to make some outstanding entrances. I’m certain the locks are the Self-Righteous Brothers (Hellraiser) and Take the Cannoli (Logan) for their match against each other. Wait, I Know This has to be a lock for their “Jurassic Park” entrance against the Founding Fathers. I think my duel dark horses are The Reel Rejects (Fergie) and The Wildberries (WILDBERRIES!) in their live event match against each other. It’s very wide open, but I’m going to lean towards Wait, I Know This to take home the award.

  1. Wait, I Know This – “Jurassic Park” vs Founding Fathers
  2. Self-Righteous Brothers – “Hellraiser” vs Take the Cannoli
  3. The Wildberries – “WILDBERRIES” vs The Reel Rejects
  4. Take the Cannoli – “Logan” vs Self-Righteous Brothers
  5. The Reel Rejects – “Fergie” vs The Wildberries

Innergeekdom/Star Wars Player of the Year

This category isn’t necessarily difficult to predict, but it’s a little odd. It’s hard to give Alex Damon the award when he’s only had the opportunity to show his dominance in two matches, especially when his immediate competition is “The Amazing” Mara Knopic, who has had the most impressive, dominate run in the Innergeekdom division. While both champs are guaranteed noms, the award is Mara’s to lose.

Former champion Jason Inman is another player I believe is a lock for a nomination, along with the KOrupption-breathing IG monster himself: Mike Kalinowski. If comeback player of the year had an Innergeekdom category, Kalinowski would win it. His performance in the Innergeekdom tournament was seriously impressive. He took Mara to the wire in the finals. He, in my mind, is a definite lock for a nomination, especially if he performs well in his Spectacular III title match.

The dark-horse fifth nominee for me has gotta be either Ken Napzok or Rachel Cushing. Depending on his performance in the Star Wars championship match at the Spectacular, he could lock himself in for a nomination. However, Rachel’s Innergeekdom run up to her unbelievable performance in the semi-finals against Mara Knopic is what makes her the fifth nominee, in my opinion.

  1. Mara Knopic
  2. Alex Damon
  3. Mike Kalinowski
  4. Jason Inman
  5. Rachel Cushing

Manager of the Year

This race was very one-sided all year long until the Anarchy tournament. Emma Fyffe is a lock for a nomination and, until the Spectacular, a win. She led Clarke Wolfe, Rachel Cushing, and Marc Andreyko to singles title performances, as well as coaching The Shirewolves to a teams title win. However, losing Sam Witwer his title via KOrupption is a mark on her record. After the Collision, I would’ve laughed you out of the building of you said Tom Dagnino (GO GUCCI) would still be in contention for this award. But the success of Whose The Boss has elevated him back into the fold. If Whose The Boss beats The Harris Bros and The Shirewolves to get the belt, then Dagnino has obtained the award again. As for other nominees, Ken Napzok is a solid third-place finisher for his work with Kalinowski and Chance Ellison. Jay Washington will definitely land a nom. The fifth spot is a little ticker to predict, but I’m in the camp of Markeia McCarty. Her bubbly personality and motivating spirit definitely helped Take the Cannoli beat Self-Righteous Brothers. I’m giving her my dark horse pick.

  1. Emma Fyffe
  2. Tom Dagnino
  3. Ken Napzok
  4. Jay Washington
  5. Markeia McCarty

Upset of the Year

This award usually has one clear frontrunner and that remains true this year. Andrew Ghai beating Dan Murrell is THE upset of the year. I don’t think anyone had that in their Collider Collision II predictions. As for the other nominees, I think KOrupption over Founding Fathers, The Harris Bros over The Odd Couple, William Bibbiani over Jeff Sneider, & Mara Knopic over Coy Jandreau. Jandreau was the favorite over an untested Knopic, however, hindsight tells otherwise. That is my dark horse pick.

  1. Andrew Ghai over Dan Murrell
  2. KOrupption over Founding Fathers
  3. William Bibbiani over Jeff Sneider
  4. The Harris Bros over The Odd Couple
  5. Mara Knopic over Coy Jandreau

Babyface Team of the Year

This category is the first one here so far that is harder to predict. My frontrunner is The Shirewolves. Clarke and Rachel are amazing and their performance as a team is undeniable. There is no better definition of face then The Shirewolves. Above The Line is definitely going to be nominated, however, I’m not sure they will win due to Levine’s retirement. A 3-0 record for the season, including a title win and defense, is hard to deny an award to, but I do think the premature retirement will marr their awards chances. The Wildberries walk the line of heel and face as personas, but they’re so delightful that I can’t consider them heels. Macuga and Dewberry are outstanding entertainment that never disappoint. As for my final two spots, I will hand my dark horse picks to The World’s Finest and Founding Fathers. World’s Finest had an impressive run to a contender’s match and the Fathers played two dominate matches, despite one being a loss.

  1. The Shirewolves
  2. Above The Line
  3. The Wildberries
  4. The World’s Finest
  5. Founding Fathers

Heel Team of the Year

This one is harder to gauge. I don’t think a single heel team has had a much success and difficult of a run than KOrupption. On the other hand, Team Action is the definition of heel team. While they didn’t get much time to heel about, Action used both of their matches to prove why they’re top heels. It’s a toss-up for me, but I’m going to lean slightly towards KOrupption. The other two teams to watch are The Harris Bros, whose condescending attitude definitely qualifies them as heel, though I can’t make them frontrunners until they win the tournament, and The Patriots, who, while they did go 1-2 this season, definitely played the heels. My final dark horse pick is Kinda Funny. Nick Scarpino & Greg Miller were dominant in their match AND Greg Miller definitely lived it up as a heel. They’re my dark horse picks in this category.

  1. KOrupption
  2. Team Action
  3. Kinda Funny
  4. The Harris Bros
  5. The Patriots

Babyface of the Year

Mara Knopic has to be a lock in this award. She is so delightful and nice, but also an absolute beast in the Innergeekdom. Not to mention, she was so nice she even played through pain and sympathized with her ill opponent on the other side of the table. She deserves the nomination hands down.

Rachel Cushing is another player that deserves this award for many of the same qualities as Mara, but also for triple threat ability. She has demonstrated strong performances in all three divisions that she participates, won a championship in one, challenged for a title in another, and barely lost in sudden death in IG. She’s a strong choice for this award.

Clarke Wolfe also has to be in consideration for this award. While she, like her partner, is 1-1 (with one title loss) in singles this season, she also has the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament to go. On top of that, Clarke made a 4-0 run to become a team champion with The Shirewolves. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we see everyone’s favorite classy champ in this category.

Marc Andreyko made the definitive switch over face (or has deems himself a “reformed heel”) at the end of last year’s Schmoedown Spectacular. This season, he’s done much better for himself, making an impressive singles run of 3-1, playing for the title and losing to William Bibbiani. Andreyko has another opportunity to show what can do here in the singles tournament, which only make this Fyffe Club poster boy a lock for a nomination.

Josh Macuga should always be in contention for this award. He may not be the best trivia player, but the man has style, charisma, and, most importantly, knows how to sell t-shirts. Despite being 0-2 in singles this season and 2-1 in teams, Macugs always entertains and brings the fun, making him my dark horse pick for this award.

  1. Rachel Cushing
  2. Mara Knopic
  3. Clarke Wolfe
  4. Marc Andreyko
  5. Josh Macuga


Heel of the Year

Andrew Ghai has to be a lock for this award. He is the definition of heel, ranging from his Free4All entrance, his performance against Murrell & Reilly and the Champ’s Lunch fiasco has Ghai being the frontrunner of HOTY.

Tom Dagnino will never not be in contention for this award. This season his devious antics destroyed the Lion’s Den and he manages to rattle every single team Whose The Boss plays. Dagnino is a lock for nom.

Mike Kalinowski is the biggest heel this season. From KOruppton to Anarchy to whatever the hell is in those envelopes and whoever he’s on the phone with, Mike is definitely a lock for a nom in this category.

Ben Bateman has to get a nomination here as well. Both halves of Action have played phenomenally and Bateman’s singles play and teams run, plus his persona entirely, makes him an easy pick for a nomination.

Lon Harris isn’t someone everyone instantly sees as heel, but that condescending attitude makes it impossible to not mark him down as heel. Lon is a name we’ll see constantly on awards night due to his incredible performances in singles and teams, and this category is no exception.

  1. Andrew Ghai
  2. Mike Kalinowski
  3. Ben Bateman
  4. Tom Dagnino
  5. Lon Harris

The Yodi Award

This one is the hardest to predict because I don’t know what the criteria is. If my understanding is correct, it has to be a retired player who had a big impact on the Schmoedown. That would disqualify Dan Murrell & John Rocha from this award’s contention. However, I think the obvious choice is Samm Levine. I don’t really need to stat my case. Levine was the first person to hold both singles and titles belts simultaneously, he was apart of the team that killed The Patriots, and he defended the singles title twice from Rachel Cushing AND Clarke Wolfe. I think other contenders for this award are the long overdue inductions of Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis. I also think Jon Schnepp could get a posthumous induction, which would be a sweet tribute to the King of the Sweaties.

  1. Samm Levine
  2. Kristian Harloff
  3. Mark Ellis
  4. Jon Schnepp

Celebrity Match of the Year:

There haven’t been that many celebrity matches to choose from thus far. In fact, we’ve only had two. That really makes this a bit difficult for me to predict a winner. It’s a 50/50 chance of which one wins. In terms of entertainment value, I lean Rocha v Wolff. But for the sentimentality of it being Schnepp’s final Schmoedown, I gotta give the slight edge to the Ash vs Evil Dead match.

  1. Ash vs Evil Dead
  2. John Rocha vs Alex Wolff

Team Rookie of the Year

With this award, it all comes down to who wins the Anarchy tournament and what happens at Spectacular III. My personal choice is out of the running as KOrupption fell to Whose The Boss, who is now a frontrunner in my eyes. It’s hard to call so I’m going to have to use predictive measures and say that Whose The Boss beats The Harris Bros, but falls to The Shirewolves, who I believe are the frontrunners for the award. Their performance as a new team has been solid, defeating The Lion’s Den (Tom Dagnino + Ken Napzok) in a storyline match that ended up being super close, Team Action, a team that contended with Above The Line to for the chance to play The Patriots, The World’s Finest, a team that should also be in consideration for this award, and Sick in the Head to get the belts. If they defend at the Spectacular from either the killer combo of former opponent Ben Bateman and former teammate Mark Reilly or the underrated combo of Lon and Jon Harris, they will be locks for this award.

  1. The Shirewolves
  2. Whose The Boss?
  3. The Harris Bros
  4. KOrupption
  5. The World’s Finest

Singles Rookie of the Year

Now this is one of the categories that is hotly contested this season. I think that the first round of the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament is where a lot of questions get answered as to who will be the frontrunner from the singles division. And while my bias may get the best of me here, as I have played the man in question, I’m putting my money of Chance Ellison. He and Mike made a solid run in the Anarchy tournament, taking down teams Inky and the Brain and the Founding Fathers of John Rocha and Dan Murrell. I this tournament, Chance has the chance, pun fully intended, to make a name for himself and go on a run, facing either Stacy Howard or Dan Murrell, and possibly playing the likes of Lon Harris, Ben Bateman, Clarke Wolfe, Drew McWeeny, or Marc Andreyko. If he can do all that, and then strip Rocha of his belt, Chance is a lock for ROTY. Chance’s first round matchup with Ethan Erwin is going to be not only a great match, but where we see Ethan make his final stand for the ROTY award.

Ethan had a strong 3-0 start, defeating the likes of Yolando Machado, Lon Harris, and Drew McWeeny, before playing and falling to Marc Andreyko in a final question, #1 contenders match. ¬†Anarchy didn’t favor him so much either, as he & his partner Sabina Graves (Franchise Force) fell in the first round to the Cinemaniacs of William Bibbiani and Matt Knost. This is Ethan’s last stand to keep in first place for the award. If he can defeat “The Kid” and either Dan Murrell or Stacy Howard and even maybe win the whole tournament and face Rocha, he will lock it in.

While those two are directly competing for the award, he can’t forget the other players. Mara Knopic could sneak up on everybody and swipe the award with the impressive title run she had in the Innergeekdom, taking down Coy Jandreau, Emma Fyffe, Rachel Cushing, Mike Kalinowski AND Jason Inman to get the belt. It’s very possible she locks herself in for that award, as well as IG/Star Wars POTY.

As for my two dark horse picks, I think Andrew Ghai could throw his name in the ring as he debuted in singles this season to as 2-1 start, with victories over former two-time champions Dan Murrell and Mark Reilly, only falling to current two-time champion John Rocha. Additionally, Mark Donica is the other name in the Innergeekdom realm that should remain in contention of ROTY, having challenged Inman for the belt after defeating Haibon.

  1. Chance Ellison
  2. Mara Knopic
  3. Ethan Erwin
  4. Andrew Ghai
  5. Mark Donica

Moment of the Year

It’s hard to say which moments get nominated because it all comes down to character investment and the surprise of the moment. Last year’s XX5XX won because of the surprise of the moment, while I was rooting for Rocha to win the award for his first time winning the belt because of character investment. The moment that I believe balances both perfectly and hasn’t been very heavily contested yet is the reveal of the Five Horsemen and the return of Dan Murrell. I think this is the frontrunner to win in my book because it’s the moment that pops immediately into my head when anyone talks about season five of the Schmoedown.

My second place pick, however, leans more into character investment then surprise, despite the reactions of the competitors in question. The moment The Shirwolves won the belt, I was both relived and excited for them. Their individual journeys had led them time in and out to the belts, always coming so close but never holding them. The moment they had won, it felt like a personal victory, having cheered Clarke Wolfe on since 2016 and Rachel since 2017. This could win because of the genuineness of the moment and that wouldn’t upset me one bit.

Everyone who watches and listens to Collider Live knows the next moment that I’m bringing up. HORSEMEEENNNNN! With the most dominate stable on Earth (on paper, at least) formed, all eyes were on the third live event to see how they would interact and how they would perform. Rocha’s war cry said it all. “Let’s ride baby.” While not the most surprising moment of the year, this one hits right into character investment, not just for Rocha, but for all five Horsemen. This is one of my two picks for a dark horse nomination.

It’s hard coming up with moments that aren’t Rocha centric. My next one is Founding Fathers’ post match interview following their match with KOrupption. The raw emotion and the entire transformation from wanting to retire to wanting to win. It was a rollercoaster ride in the span of three minutes. This is my second dark horse for a nomination.

My final moment comes from the Collider Collision. In the closing seconds of the biggest rubber match in Schmoedown history. Above The Line pulled ahead to secure the win over The Patriots once again. Like a lion, Drew McWeeny stands from the table and roars. The normally more reserved, gentle member of the team broke the facade for a moment of true passion for the game. The likelihood of this moment winning are slim, but a nomination is not.

  1. The Five Horsemen reveal
  2. The Shirewolves win the belts
  3. Drew McWeeny Roars
  5. Founding Fathers’ Post-Match

Match of the Year

This one is another hotly debated topic. I think my first match prediction is a lock. This match goes back to the first Collider Collision and the words “I Betray You” flying off the lips of a losing William Bibbiani and into the face of a defeated John Rocha. Fast forward to a year and some change later and the two titans of the game finally get their match with bigger stakes than either of them could’ve anticipated. With nine lead changes over the course of the entire match, it was slugfest between the two that concluded a year long storyline. Besides the stakes and performances, it was an overall very entertaining match and make Bibbiani v Rocha my personal pick to get nominated from the singles division.

My first pick for a teams match to be nominated comes in the form of the match that necessitated a trilogy: The Patriots vs Above The Line II. I pick the second match because this time around the Patriots were peak, having come off of a final victory over Top 10. ATL delivered what I believe to be their very best game and made for a very tense and entertaining rematch, making this one a contender for MotY.

My second teams pick is a little bit of a personal pick, but it definitely came with controversy and lots of entertainment value. Anarchy certainly delivered on the promise of outstanding matchups by giving us Founding Fathers vs KOrupption. The super team of Murrell & Rocha pit against Kalinowksi and his prodigy Chance Ellison was certainly looking to be another Horsemen win on paper, but this one carried into sudden death, delivering a critical blow to Founding Fathers by not writing down anything and also Navid O. Russell, as well as a debate on David O’Russell being the same as David O. Russell. This was a nail-biter and an emotional one for everyone involved, making this match of the year material for me.

When deciding an Innergeekdom match to nominate, only one sprung to mind as being everything that fits the criteria for Match of the Year. Rachel Cushing vs Mara Knopic, one sick, the other injured, and yet both played their hearts out, going eleven questions deep into sudden death. Despite both ladies being well under 100% health wise, both delivered unbelievably impressive games and has left, at least, me hoping for Cushing vs Knopic II.

It was hard to make my dark horse pick another team match rather than nominate the Star Wars triple threat match between Damon, Scrimshaw, & Napzok. That was a good match, but there was one other live event match that completely delivered in entertainment value, if nothing else. The Reel Rejects vs The Wildberries paid off big, from the rapping promos to t-shirt slingshot, this match was everything I wanted and more and is my dark horse pick to be nominated.

  1. Rachel Cushing vs Mara Knopic
  2. William Bibbiani vs John Rocha
  3. Founding Fathers vs KOrupption
  4. Patriots vs Above The Line II
  5. The Reel Rejects vs The Wildberries

Comeback Player of the Year

The only way for me to explain my five nominees is statistics. William Bibbiani finished last season with a combined record 3-4. This season, Bibbs turned it around hard, winning the Free4All MVP award, the Schmoedown singles title, and finishing his season with a combined record of 5-2, his only losses coming to John Rocha and Whose The Boss. Bibbs is surely the frontrunner for the award and deserves to be.

It’s hard to call Kalinowski the comeback player of the year when last year he had a pretty good year, finishing with a combined record of 5-4. But, at the outset of the year, prior to his heel turn, Mike was 0-3. Post turn, Mike raised his combined season record from 0-3 to 5-5, playing to a 3-1 IG record this season, with a title match to go and a 2-1 start with a new team. The complete change from both a personal state and a player performance, Mike is definitely in consideration for comeback player of the year.

When I say John Rocha as a comeback player of the year, most people shrug, The stats would somewhat back-up your shrug, but I would say otherwise. Despite finishing with a combined record of 7-5, Rocha lost both Ultimate Schmoedown tournaments and lost his singles belt without a defense, as well as losing his faction. Rocha came back string this year by building a bigger, better faction in the Five Horsemen, as well as challenging for both the teams and singles belt, winning back the singles title. His season isn’t over yet, but as of right now, Rocha stands with a season record (including his celebrity match) of 7-3, which is similar, yet improving of his previous season record. There is a case for Rocha to be in the running for this award and I am predicting he makes it in, at least as my dark horse.

The argument for Rachel Cushing is hard when she won ROTY last season. However, finishing with a 6-5 record and improving to a 7-2 before year’s end would be justifiable enough for me. She also has comeback in the sense of storylines. Ending the season with a disappointing Ultimate Schmoedown semi-finals loss to Samm Levine, a four-way #1 contenders Innergeekdom loss, and the devastating loss of her partner Ken Napzok to the Lion’s Den, Rachel certainly is in the running in my eyes, especially with a team title win. She’s done enough, at least, for a nomination.

Marc Andreyko was severely underutilized by The Lion’s Den. He finished last season 2-2, recording one singles loss to Rachel Cushing in the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament and a 2-1 run with Blofeld’s Cat. This season, Andreyko turned himself around nicely making a 3-1 singles season, culminating in a title loss to Bibbiani, and a 2-1 teams run with Jeff Sneider prior to competing in the Ultimate Schmoedown tournament. Andreyko is a sleeper pick for this award.

  1. William Bibbiani
  2. Mike Kalinowski
  3. Marc Andreyko
  4. John Rocha
  5. Rachel Cushing

Team of the Year

This one is also hard to predict without first knowing the outcome of the Anarchy tournament. Both Whose The Boss and The Harris Bros are locks for noms regardless of the outcome due to their strong runs in the tournament. The Shirewolves are also locks for this category as they made a strong 4-0 run to the belts, and could win the award if they defend them in December. However, Above The Line cannot be neglected in this category. They made a strong rebound from their Spectacular II loss and made a 3-0 run, winning and defending the belt. They’re currently my picks to win, unless The Shirewolves defend at Spectacular III. My fifth team dark horse is KOrupption for the sheer power of the team and their nice tournament run.

  1. Above The Line
  2. The Shirewolves
  3. Whose The Boss
  4. The Harris Bros
  5. KOrupption

Singles Player of the Year

The Ultimate Schmoedown tournament is also going to be a big factor in who wins this award. Right now, the frontrunner is John Rocha. This year his singles run has only been stopped once. He sits currently at 5-1 this season and is the singles champion for the second time in is career. If he defends at Spectacular III, Rocha is a guarantee for this award.

Lon Harris is the most underrated player in the Schmoedown. His singles record sits at 2-1 this season with victories over Josh Macuga and Cody Hall and a tight loss to Ethan Erwin. Harris is poised to make a big run in the Singles Tournament, provided he wins over Ben Bateman tomorrow and sets himself up to play Clarke Wolfe in the first round. Lon is my sleeper pick for Singles POTY.

Marc Andreyko should not be discounted from the running on this award either, making a big splash and a 3-1 singles run prior to the US tournament, losing to William Bibbiani on the final question in their title match. Andreyko is a serious contender for this award, especially if he makes another big run in the tournament.

Ethan Erwin should be in contention for this award certainly, unless he loses and Chance Ellison makes a run. So my dark horse prediction, I guess, is whoever wins Erwin vs Ellison. Ethan has had a strong year so far, only losing to Marc Andreyko thus far in singles. However, if Chance beats Ethan and goes to topple either Dan or Stacy and whoever wins on the other side of the bracket, Chance is a lock.

Andrew Ghai is a sleeper pick for me as well. Making your debut against the GOAT is daunting, but to defeat Dan Murrell in his returning match is stone cold. Ghai was then able to TKO Mark Reilly as well and makes his way into a #1 Contenders Match as a ROOKIE against John Rocha. If anyone has a solid case against Ghai, I’ll hear it, but to me, he’s a nom for Singles POTY.

  1. John Rocha
  2. Marc Andreyko
  3. Ethan Erwin/Chance Ellison
  4. Andrew Ghai
  5. Lon Harris

Overall Player of the Year

The most coveted award of the night is going to be hotly debated for a while. To me, there are a few clear nominees. The first of which is Rachel Cushing. She’s 7-2 this season. That record encompasses a singles title run (and title match loss), a teams title run and win, and an Innergeekdom tournament run (and semi-final loss). There’s no reason why Rachel shouldn’t be considered the frontrunner for this category, as she really does fit the very definition of Overall POTY.

Samm Levine is a given. The man defended the singles belt TWICE, finishing out with a  2-0 singles record. He also won the team belt and defended it, finishing out with a 3-0 record before retiring a champion and with a record of 5-0. He is definitely a contender for this award again, even in retirement.

Lon Harris isn’t the first name you think of when you think of this award, but the number do not lie. He is 3-0 in teams so far and 2-1 in singles so far, with a tournament berth on the horizon. If Lon makes an Ultimate Schmoeodown tournament run and wins the Anarchy tournament, he’s a lock for a nomination, but winning both or even one of the belts locks him in for a win.

William Bibbiani is another lock for a nomination here. His record this season overall is 5-2, losing in the tournament and losing the belt to Rocha. However, Bibbs has put up very impressive numbers, just like Lon Harris. Bibbs has been dominant in teams and dominant in singles ever since his Free4All performance and deserves a nomination.

Many names could be thrown around in this fifth spot. Mike Kalinowski. Chance Ellison. Jason Inman. I’m however going to take a more obvious approach and add John Rocha’s name to the fifth spot. His only losses this season come to the Patriots, Jeff Sneider, & KOrupption. With a 7-3 record and the singles title, Rocha is in good shape for a nomination for this award.

  1. Rachel Cushing
  2. Lon Harris
  3. Samm Levine
  4. John Rocha
  5. William Bibbiani