This article is co-authored by Carlos Williams, Mike Myslinski, and Steven Widman.


It started out as an idea. We had all known each other for a while. Carlos and I met back in 2012 when he did a show at The Rock. I met Myz when he asked Los and I to open for him at The Ember in 2013. I met Steven when we both found out we liked Andy Mineo in choir class and went to his St. Paul concert in 2016. After C-Los finished produced Steven’s mixtape in November, he had the idea of the four of us coming together to do a single (which would later become “Tuesday”) and that expanded into forming a group and making an album. After three months of recording, writing, mixing, and getting the project mastered and marketed, The Forks released our debut album Shoot For Teams on February 16, 2018. We’ve been blessed with this opportunity and we felt it would be a fun experience to write a commentary piece about the album. Without further ado, The Forks presents…

Shoot For Teams: Behind The Music

1. In The Presence (ft. MyzBeatz & C-Los)

This song was written to be hype for getting into God’s presence! Time with Him is essential and irreplaceable in the life of a follower. Living water will flow through us and effect others; we engage when we spend time with Him. We have Him leading from our quiet place together. That’s what this song is about! – M

This song evolved from an idea from another song. “Coram Deo” is the key phrase in this one. It simply means “to be in the presence of God.” Myz and I wanted to communicate the importance of being in God’s presence. For me, my decisions should flow from that place. Favorite Line: “You’ll never be in His presence if you just come for presents, but if came to feel his presence, you might get a present.” If you anticipate God’s presence and not just the benefits it brings, you get all those things. But we worship God, because He’s God. – C

2. The G.O.A.T. (Ft. SW & 2K)

I think this song was just for fun, just to get into the studio and show what God has given us and knowing that we do it all through him. Nothing that I have is from my own power or my own strength. – S

Steven and I each took a song to come with conceptually. Steven took the other song, and I came up with this one. From the moment we heard Los’s beat, I was hooked. It was big and bold and fast and I knew we needed to write material to match that. And then the idea came: if our God is for us, than who can stop us. We took that premise and built the concept of the God of All Time. Steven and I each wrote our verses and would meet once a week to touch base, and then break off and keep improving, which is resulted in an escalation of us wanting to bring our best and the best out of each other. I’m very honored by and proud of this song. – K

3. Let Me Go (ft. C-Los & MyzBeatz)

I’d just got back from Guam. I spent a few months out there for work, and I had a pretty nice vibe out there while I was making music. The song itself sounds like you’re on the beach or poolside hanging out! But truth be told, I had a moment where God just started speaking to me through the hook I wrote for the song. I think we all have a moment in life where you question God and whether or not he cares for me, because a lot of the things that were going on in the world around me, happening to people who looked like me. I’m also always thinking about making sure my family is being taken care of to the best of my abilities and how I can insure their future. God told me not to worry about it. So I’m trying to do that! – C

This track is about the battle of mind games and defeating doubt. Instead of letting the enemy defeat us in our mind, we need to remember the truth in Christ and His promises for us about who we are! It’s a real battle at times, but He never let’s us go. – M

4. Nomads (ft. SW, 2K & MyzBeatz)

Nomads was more of an encouragement song for our fellow brothers and sisters who are sharing the Gospel and sometimes may be unmotivated to do so, or sometimes have a hard time sharing. We’re just giving some encouragement for that. – S

Myz, Steven, and I were brainstorming over at Myz’s apartment and he had the idea of it sounding like being in a desert and the idea of wandering like the Israelites. We each came to that with a different perspective. I came with the viewpoint of modern day Christians feeling like they’re wandering and lost because of ridicule or discouragement that they might be feeling for their faith. My favorite part of this song is absolutely Myz’s vocals when he sings “This for the Nomads/Never going back.” – K

This song is about continuing to share Jesus even though it is difficult at times. We can feel like wanderers or drifters in our lives and feel like we are the only ones carrying out the faith! But Moses and other biblical characters were faithful. This track is built to encourage those to keep sharing their faith no matter how many rejections you’ve faced or how difficult it can be. – M

5. Stuck in a Trap (ft. SW & C-Los)

Stuck in a Trap was just a message that I wanted to share. I’ve had a few people in life that aren’t saved that have told me that they feel too tainted for God’s love and God’s grace, and it’s something that hurts to hear. But also, Jesus can give them the hope of what the Gospel actually says about this situation. With this song, even in the process, there was a time where I was going through a difficult time with my own walk and I listened to this song and it actually spoke to me in that time. I truly hope and pray this song changes somebody’s way of thinking. God will do the work. – S

I’m starting to like trap music. Not the lyrics that most rappers rap over it, but the style of hip-hop itself. I think SW and I did an exceptional job of making sure there was substance in our lyrics for this one. This may be the more important message I want people to hear from this album. Falling into temptation often seems like repeatedly falling into a trap. It’s a lot harder to see God in dark places, but He is in fact there and ready to pull you out of the trap you can’t seem to break free of. – C

6. Step Yo Game Up (ft. SW & 2K)

“Step Yo Game Up” was more of a competitive song as well as a message of what I’ve been seeing lately as far as people worshipping things that are worthless. But there’s definitely a competitive aspect that says “I have this God-given talent, and I have what it takes to be good at this.” I just need to prove it, and I do it through music. – S

Steven took point on this one. We approached it as a sort of sequel to his song “The Reason” from his Reminiscent mixtape. I always thought of it being like us saying “look what God has given us and what we can do through him”. It’s also us talking about the idea of false idols and that we need to step our game up in recognizing them and helping others find the truth. – K

7. Tuesday

When Los brought up the idea of doing a song with all four of us, I was excited. It was going to be a cypher of sorts, a way to get in and out fast and show off skills. So I approached the first verse of Tuesday as an opportunity to introduced myself and the group at the end of the album and I wrote just that, an introduction for the finale. – K

“Tuesday” was just a blessing to be a part of. It was originally C-Los and Myz’s song, but they allowed us to be on it. I just wanted to contribute the best I could! The message was just more of a “don’t sleep on ‘The Forks’ crew because we have God-given talent and we’re gonna use it for Him.” – S

This track is just fun and rapping for Jesus. Before SFT, Carlos and I did most of our studio time on Tuesday nights as we worked on music! This is a banner to come together as a group and competitively slay this beat with one another. – M

When we were recording Myz’s mixtape, Phenom4Eons, a lot of times, Tuesday was the only day of the week that he could come over to record. So when we did get together, we had to make the most of it, getting as many quality recordings for as many songs as we could. As believers, we are instructed to give our best at everything we do. For us and the process of creating music, that was a Tuesday. – C


Shoot For Teams is available on all digital stores and streamers or right here. You can also find The Forks on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TheForksRap.


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