The first edition of #MusicMonday in 2018 follows Futuristic. Furtistic first came on the scene in 2009 with his debut album The Professor X Tape. He followed that up with The Fly Trap in 2011, Dream Big in 2012, Chasing Down a Dream in 2013, T.G.I.F. in 2013, Traveling Local in 2014, The Rise in 2015, his collaborative album with Devvon Tercel Coast 2 Coast in 2015, As Seen on the Internet in 2016, and What More Could You Ask For? in 2017. Now comes his latest and, possibly, greatest yet: Blessings. 

1. Life

The intro track is rather intense. It feels like Futuristic playing catch-up with his audience while venting his frustrations and worries. This has become standard for rap albums, but Futuristic does a good job. His flow is impeccable and his wordplay is strong. The production is solid. Life is his 44 Bars and he owns it.

Track Rating: 8/10

Grade: B

2. Benz

The opening is kinda funny. The hook is kinda a flashy dig at his friends. The song is just a flex song. While it’s catchy and kinda fun, it’s all style and no substance.

Track Rating: 6/10

Grade: C

3. Do Too Much

The hook and production are sleek and fun. It’s a groovy jam. Futuristic’s vocals are really solid. Overall, this jam is a really confident and solid one. It’s a step up from the last track.

Track Rating: 8/10

Grade: A-

4. Talk (ft. Tech N9ne and Devvon Terrell)

This is a really impressive and energetic song. Every single person included brings their A+ game and it’s fantastic. The standout line is Devvon’s lisp-y Mike Tyson. The lyricism and sheer prowess and speed of the song is breakneck. It’s the standout of the whole album.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

5. Clock

Futuristic’s vocals are really solid. The love song about making time is really good. The production is sleek and standout. His lyricism is very solid, but it’s his vocals that shine. It’s a great inclusion on this album. The pianos are a really nice touch.

Track Rating: 8/10

Grade: A

6. Lights

If there’s one thing I can say for this album, it’s the production is standout. Another chill and brightly produced is really cool. The song about fame is cool. The inclusion of the clock ticking in the background is a nice touch. Futuristic’s vocals are solid again. His lyricism is fantastic. His flow pattern is what makes him one of the greats.

Track Rating: 8/10

Grade: A

7. Not the Vibe

The premise of this song is really smart. The hook is contradictory to the verses. While the hook says none of the things he claims to do in the verses are good or what he’s about. That’s a really cool performance tool. He uses it to be say everything everyone else says in his verses and then clarifies in his hook it’s not right. It’s a solid track.

Track Rating: 7/10

Grade: B+

8. Get It Together

A smooth, guitar driven track is uncommon in rap, making a really great addition to the album. While the song itself is confusing as to what it’s trying to say, the production is excellent. The lyricism is remarkable, but the songwriting is messy.

Track Rating: 6/10

Grade: B-

9. Epiphany (ft. NF)

The first single off the album is haunting. NF is incredible in his feature and meshes really well wot Futuristic. The beat is really cool and the two flow extremely well together. This is a great song. The raw talent and emotion from the two is great.

Track Rating: 10/10

Grade: A+

10. Change Somebody

The final song on the album leaves things on a positive, uplifting note. The production on this last one is outstanding. The mixtures of horns and vocals and other sounds creates an unorthodox flow, but Futuristic kills it. This is the best one to end this wonderful album. It’s a big finale that works really well. It’s a perfect end.

Track Rating: 9/10

Grade: A+


Futuristic is one of the best in business. His flow is something really impressive and his ability to pick good collaborators and write strong rhymes makes him a contender to be an all-time great. The production on this album is ridiculously amazing. This is Futuristic’s best album yet, and he’s got lots of fuel left in him.

Album Rating: 8/10

Grade: A


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