With the announcement of the Universal Monsters franchise being officially branded Dark Universe, I decided now was the appropriate time to publish a short scene sketch I wrote to serve as a post-credit screen for Universal’s The Mummy. I have not seen the film yet and this is all just for fun. I hope you enjoy!

(The credits finish rolling. The scene begins with Tom Cruise entering the room of Russell Crowe’s Henry Jekyll. Cruise says nothing, but Jekyll can sense he has come to announce his success in defeating The Mummy.)

Jekyll: (Slightly Menacingly) You think your world is safe. The Mummy was just the beginning. You are unaware to the fact that you live in an age of gods and monsters.

(Jekyll’s voice carries on in voice over.)

Jekyll: Monsters that range from the tragic…

(Camera pans up on the back of a chair in an outdoor cafe in Paris, the Eiffel Tower being visible in the distance. We see the top of a hat peeking out of the top of a chair. We watch has a gloved hand reaches and picks up a cup of tea, revealing the gloved hand is NOT CONNECTED TO ANYTHING! The hand raises up and THE INVISIBLE MAN turns his head and takes a sip as we see the liquid disappear into thin air.)

Jekyll: …To the most terrible…

(We cut to a man in an overcoat walking down the streets of New York. He follows a woman down an alley way, but the camera does not. We hear a small scream. The man emerges wiping blood away from his mouth. We cut back to see the woman’s bitten neck as two young men discover her body. DRACULA!!)

Jekyll: …To the stuff of pure nightmares.

(Cut to a mountain forest as a giant, hulking figure emerges. We cut to the back of his rectangular head as he looks down on a city. We cut to a side shot where we see him smirk, the moonlight glistening off of the screw protruding from his neck. FRANKENSTEIN!! We return to Jekyll’s room where he is standing, facing Tom Cruise.)

Cruise: And where do you fit into all of this, Dr. Jekyll?

(Jekyll turns away from Cruise as he looks out the window. He smirks and we punch in close up on his eye as it twinkles and his pupil enlarges, hinting at MR. HYDE. Cut to black.)

The End.

All works produced on kalebkohowrites.wordpress.com are property of Kaleb Koho. All rights reserved by copyright.



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