I have been coming up with a ton of story ideas lately and I’ve been able to develop them very quickly, essentially because of how I go about developing the story in general. There isn’t any definitive way to write a story or go about developing one, but I thought I would share my process to potentially help those suffering from writer’s block or stuck developing their story.

So first comes the inspiration. I can’t help you with that. If you can’t or aren’t being inspired to write by the things around you and the situations of your life or really anything in general, then maybe you shouldn’t be a writer. For me, inspiration can come from absolutely anywhere. Some examples include dreams, other books, phrases, names, concepts, really anything. Once I have that inspiration, usually the basic idea of the story is born, maybe its just a scene or a character, but the seed is planted. From there, I take formulate the most basic plot from the idea. After that, I begin building characters. I believe if your story doesn’t have deep or interesting characters, then your story is essentially dead. I play around with the characters and their roles in the story and general motivations. I start to take these characters and give them a personality. These characters often inspire character moments from which you can begin connecting dots. From there, I take my general plot and clearly define the plot points and character moments. Then I begin writing a r0ugh draft of the general story. This gives me a sort of road map in which I can begin crafting the finer points, details and storylines of the story to create the story I want to tell. From here, the story will change many times in either minor or major ways. I find it easier to write a story if you have clearly defined characters and plot in which you can play with it in any way you seem fit.

I hope this helped you. Currently, I am actively writing two different stories, actively developing two more and I still have a ton of other concepts and ideas sitting on the back burner. On top of that, I just wrapped up my run in our high school production of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella and we are in early stages of our One Act Play season, in which we will be performing a play entitled Karima. Not to mention regular school and a quickly approaching speech season. I hope that explains my absence from the blog and the internet in general.


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