The morning of June 11, couldn’t have come any quicker. I had been waiting for this since Beth bought the tickets back April. The Heartland Tour with Lecrae & Switchfoot. Now, I wasn’t much of a Switchfoot before the show, but Lecrae is one my favorite performers. I had seen him once before at CHIC in Knoxville, Tennessee last summer, but this time was different. It was me & my friends in an outdoor amphitheater in Moorhead, Minnesota rather than at a large youth conference in Tennessee. We all loaded up into Beth’s car and made the one hour trek south to Fargo, where we killed time looking for Lecrae at the mall and eating at Chilli’s. When the time came for us to head to the show, we were all eager to find our seats and enjoy the show. I bought my 116 hat and forgiven wristband and took my seat in Row S in seat 116.

The show began with the introduction of a new band, The New Respects, who started the show off with 4 blues rock songs. The band was fresh and new and brought a great sound that fit in with the atmosphere and venue. They took the stage like pros and owned the stage. Their debut single “Hey!” is available now on iTunes and Spotify.

After they warmed the crowd up, Switchfoot took the stage, with lead singer Jon Foreman in tow. They started the show off with their rocking single, “Needle & Haystack Life”. They brought such a fun, rock show atmosphere to the stage with me. Jon Foreman wasn’t afraid to interact with the audience, everywhere from thanking the audience for inspiring ten albums to Foreman leaping from the stage to perform from the aisles. After performing their new single “Float,” Jon Foreman dedicated their performance of “Only Hope” to the recently deceased Christina Grimmie, who covered the song on her YouTube channel. The band closed their set out with a show-stopping performance of “Dare You To Move”. Switchfoot’s new album, Where The Light Shines Through, is available for pre-sale and will be released on July 10th.

There was then an intermission where the host of the event cam out and spoke, encouraging those in attendance to consider sponsoring a child in Africa and about the importance of water in their lives. After this, Lecrae took to the stage.

Opening with fan favorite “Timepiece,” Lecrae performed a large selection of songs from his last album, Anomaly, including “Dirty Water,” “Welcome to America” & “All I Need Is You”. Using a large, usually shaped light board, Lecrae stole the show with his energy and ability to get the crowd moving. He asked fans if he could perform some “Old School Lecrae,” to which the audience responded with cheers. He made good on his request and performed “Jesus Muzik” from After The Music Stops, “Background” from Rehab, & “Tell The World” from Gravity. He also performed “Uno Uno Seis” from Andy Mineo’s Heroes For Sale & “Manolo” from Trip Lee’s Rise. After closing the show, he quickly returned to introduce his DJ & drummer before again leaving. The crowd responded with cries for an encore, to which Lecrae responded with a performance of his song, “Say I Won’t”. Lecrae’s mixtape Church Clothes 3 is available now on iTunes & Spotify. Overall, the Heartland Tour ranks as one of the top ten concerts I’ve been to in my life. The music overall was great and the performances and stage presences were stellar.


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