That’s a wrap for our season. Last night, the cast from East Grand Forks Senior High School wrapped up our One Act Play season. This has been my second season in the school’s One Act Play department. If you don’t know what that is, a one act is an entire play (beginning/middle/end) told in the span of one act of a regular length play. This year, our director, Darrin Kerr, selected a piece by playwright David Ives entitled The Green Hill. In a brief summary of the play, The Green Hill is about a man named Jake, who, when he closes his eyes, sees a green hill. When he finds a poster with his hill on it, Jake begins traveling the world searching for it, leaving behind his girlfriend Sandy and meeting a whole host of colorful characters along the way.

Our cast consisted of just a few brilliant actresses, an outstanding actor, and myself…
Brody Katka….Jake

Katlyn O’Shea….Sandy

Ponny White….Searching Woman

Daysha Ramsey….Travel Agent/Afganhi

Caitlyn Gordon….Britisher/American

Mackalya Scherrer….Mrs. Kretchmar/German Tourist

Danah Albaaj….German Tourist/Operator

Kaleb Koho….Finnish Worker/Italian Restauraunt Owner
After a month of practice our cast set off to Sub-Sections in Warren. Last year, our similar cast went and took first at Subs in Stephen-Argyle, but this year was a little different. We competed against schools Tri-County, KCC, Stephen-Argyle, WAO, & Theif River Falls. We needed at least second place to advance to Sections in Crookston. That’s exactly what we did, placing second behind KCC and their performance of Smarty Pants. We prepared for an additional week to take a first place victory at Sections, which is what we need to advance to State.

We gave the performance of our lives at Crookston. I can only explain it as simply fantastic. However, we did not advance. We placed third at Sections, behind Rosoe’s second place performance of The Spirit of Life (a long, depressing collection of holocaust stories) and Bagley’s winning performance of Radium Girls (a dramatization of the Radium crisis in the 1950’s).

We closed our season out by performing at our own PAC (Performing Arts Center) for a small crowd alongside our Noncompetitive One Act, Time Flies, starring Ben Kern, Ponny White, & Brody Katka. It was a wonderful season and it deeply saddens me that we will not be advancing to State with our senior friend and cast member, Brody Katka.
All in all, it’s been a fantastic season, with a wonderful cast, a visionary director, and an excellent piece of material to work with. Thank you all.


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