We open with the sort of spy-like score that we had, it’s reminiscent of the first film’s, as we move across a wall in Bob Parr’s home office. We see newspaper clippings: “Super Family Saves City,” “Underminer Undermined,” “The Supers Are Back,” “Frozone Returns,” “Meet The Incredibles,” “Violet Goes Solo,” etc. We then see the old Mr. Incredible 50’s style Poster get ripped from the wall by a hand and replaced by a black poster with the new double lined ‘I’ Incredibles logo. We fly through the poster as the ‘I’ backs up and moves to side revealing our Incredibles 2 title card. We lens flare transition to an urban battle between a young, Bomb Voyage II. He has black, sort of smudgy eyeliner and a less clean looking “mime” face as the last Bomb Voyage. He is clearly a younger, teenager like version with more destructive bombs. We see him bouncing from location to location tossing bombs. He is being chased by a “streak”. It’s Dash. Dash is wearing a black Incredibles costume with the new double ‘I’ logo. His dyed black hair is longer and it flops in his face whenever he isn’t running. Dash is a little more reckless that before, being a 17-year-old rebellious teenager. The two stop in a head on confrontation where Dash stops inches away from Bomb Voyage.

“It’s over, Bomb Voyage.” says Dash in a deeper, sort of menacing voice.

Bomb Voyage could be compared to The Joker in a psychological sense, he doesn’t really want anything but to be a nuisance.

“And why would you say that, Dash? We were just starting to have some fun.” He says as he leaps backwards tossing a bomb at Dash’s costume.

Just before Dash can take off and run, Jack-Jack (in his monster form & in the same costume as Dash) leaps past catching it and tossing it away, blowing a hole in the street.


“Relax, Dash. You would have been wine and cheese if I hadn’t shown up.”

Jack-Jack starts chasing after Bomb Voyage. Jack-Jack is about the age Dash was in the last film. He is confident and a little proud of himself, as most 5th Grade boys are. Dash races after him. There are EPIC sequences of Dash running up buildings & catching bombs and tossing them away. Mass damage is starting to be done to the civilian areas around them. The battle with Bomb Voyage is becoming a rivalry match between Dash and Jack-Jack. We see a shot of a big piece of cement building coming down upon a group of civilians when the slab suddenly stops just above them. It’s Mr. Incredible (Bob Parr). He looks older and a little more weathered than when we last saw him. His once golden hair know has grey sideburns and slight wrinkles around the eyes. He bounds over to the children and leaps in front of Bomb Voyage, punching the kid and taking him out in one punch.Dash and Jack-Jack are in an alley a ways back fighting. He carries Bomb Voyage over to them and clears his throat.  The two instantly stop fighting and look at him. They get up and dust themselves off.

Bob: “What were you two thinking? Look around! You’re not stopping the damage you’re increasing it! Dash, I told you this is why you don’t get your own patrol. Violet handled it extraordinarily well before she left!”

Dash: “(Snottily) I guess that’s easy when you have invisibility, force fields, and, oh yeah, (turning to Jack-Jack) no brother getting your way!”

Jack: “It’s not my fault you looked like you needed my help.”

Dash: “Well, maybe, you need your vision checked because I didn’t need any help!”

Bob: “ENOUGH! You are both in huge trouble!”

Bomb Voyage, who was left on the ground next to Bob, gets up and jumps on a dumpster.

BV: “Well, this has been lovely to watch, but I’ve gotta bail. BOMB VOYAGE!”

BV tosses a “mega” bomb in to the air and leaps away. The bomb grabs to a building and explodes, bring down all kind of cement, debris, and collateral pieces. Bob grabs the boys and covers them in a ball. Just as they should be smashed, the debris stops and rolls away from them. 23 year old Violet is standing over them casting a force field. She is more adult than we last saw her. Her black hair is let down and pushed back. She lets the force field go after the debris has settled. We pause for a moment as the boys stand up and see her. She’s wearing her own violet costume, designed by Edna Mode.  Just then, Elasti-Girl (aka Mrs. Incredible, aka Helen Parr) shows up. She looks older as well.

“Looking for this,” she says, all snarky, as she pulls the young Bomb Voyage over with her elastic arm. She knocks him out & cuffs him to a light post. “Time for a family meeting.”



All material found on this blog is property of Kaleb Koho.


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